Hey Everyone, Moritz here, I've been a long time member of this site, and let me say from experience, I love it here!  Everyone is really friendly, loves to chat about NASCAR and is there to help you if you need help.  However, it's always good to tell everyone a little bit about yourself.  What's your name? Location?  Favorite thing to do?  Who knows, you may have more things in common than you realize!  It's only fair to start with myself, here's about me:

I'm Moritz, aka Michael Milne. I was born in Toronto, ON moved to the USA really early in life, now live back in Canada in Ontario once again.  I'm a youngin on this site, and I've had a lot of life experiences. Gone through relationships, passing aways of close ones, been injured quite a few times racing go-karts, and have a dream to be an actor in Hollywood!  

Enough about me, what bout you?! Let's hear your journey, let's get to know you better! What ya say? Let's here it!!



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Comment by 1st HEMI on February 21, 2014 at 6:51pm

Hello, Hello, hey is this thing on?? Hello, Is this the Playboy apprentice forum?? Hello, crap, messed up again. Been around several years here. Seen many changes. Good changes. great place to watch a race and chat. Got my first taste of winston cup in 1972 when the 43 Richard Petty car was parked at K mart. Didn't see him but he had a stack of winston cup stickers on the seat of his car. Somehow they managed to jump into my pocket and I wheeled my huffy out of that parking lot.

MIS is a 1/2 ride from here. i like the super speedways and the large tracks. Not much interest in road courses unless I'm in doing the OJ ride from the law. 

Got a lot going on this year game wise. 3 yahoo, 1 fox, 2 Draftmaster, 1 Roxy's, Proracers Billy's and pro sprint cup. Enough to keep me busy. See ya, 1stHemi, aka M E Hemi, Hemi Rulz

Comment by Bootsy ♥♥ on February 12, 2014 at 7:43pm

Hi, I'm Bootsy and I live in Texas, I have been interested in Nascar since the early 90's, I co-owned at one time  a small dirt track with family members but I prefer watching Nascar. I have made many friends on this site, some of us came over here from .com when, people that you can talk racing with and watch a race with on here are the best kind of friends there is.

Comment by Eve♥#9 on February 12, 2014 at 2:44pm

Hello, you all know me, Eve.  I live in Fl.  I first got interested in Nascar about 2000,   got in some fantasy games and made friends on .com...drifted to Proracers, still there, then came to Nascar Nation. Been here about 2 1/2 years,  love it here...made many friends, then Dave modded me a year ago,  then boosted me to admin, then I bought the site,  and the rest is history!  You all know I like hockey,  and card games and bowling!  And people, most of all.  ♥

Comment by Chad Robb on February 12, 2014 at 2:17pm

I'm Chad Robb. Retired Air Force and now spending my time writing Fantasy NASCAR articles for Bleach Report and RaceReviewOnline. I also have a Facebook Page that I share my Fantasy NASCAR advice on. I usually update that page with info until the green flag drops. The fans of the page have a good time sharing their thoughts. You can check it out here:

Comment by Tombo on February 9, 2014 at 2:10pm

hello everybody..

im tom aka "tombo".I live here in iowa where and mo. meet up.

im car crazy,i have built multi award winning show cars.i obviously love nascar,I have over 1,100 nascar diecast of all sizes.

I have two boys and a girl and 2 step sons.1 sister,both my mom and dad are gone.

went a round with cancer and am here to tell you about it....



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As some of you know, i have been waiting for pathology results to some tests and procedures i have had recently.  The results came back this week and I have colon cancer.  The gastroenterologist and my pcp recommended surgery, which I will have as…Continue


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We have a new admin, William Pray, and he is responsible for our site looking so sharp again.  If you like it, let him know that you do.  Continue

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