NASCAR, how do you define it?  Some people could go into massive detail, as it's the sport they love the most.  To others, it can be something that isn't a sport at all, and is really just a bunch of cars going around in a circle.  To me, NASCAR IS a sport, and one that is very fun to watch.  Instead of having just one team you're out to beat, you're out to beat 42 other drivers.  So, I LOVE NASCAR, it's innovative, fast-paced, action filled, spirited and fun for everyone.  Again, how do you define NASCAR?

One of my hockey legends, Wayne Gretsky, had this public quote he personally told my Dad.  "100% of the shots you don't take, won't go in".  I've only met his family, not Wayne himself, but I can only imagine what an honor it was for my Dad to meet him.  Now another one of my friends, Brittany, is racing professionally, as a 18 year old girl, with the hopes of making it into NASCAR as the next greatest female driver.  She's got huge potential, and goes by Gretsky's quote.  She builds her own race cars, wins races and never gives up by ALWAYS taking chances.  I believe she can make it into NASCAR. Do you have a NASCAR story of your own? 

Hope you enjoyed this article! Feel free to say below how you define NASCAR, and if you have any NASCAR story of your own to share! I'd love to hear your experiences!


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nice, moritz...i liked the hockey story too,,,




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