Cup Series Chevy Camaros. What is the problem with them, why can't they keep up with the Fords and Toyotas? Is it the engine, or the body design? GM claims they have a new engine building plant and they said the power plants were upgraded two NASCAR races ago, but I don't see any performance improvement. Does anyone have new info on the Chevy performance situation?

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I don't have a clue, but I hope that they can get it figured out soon..

im not sure but what nascar is doing to jimmie Johnson is a shame..

I don't understand, tombo,,what is nascar doing to jj that they r not doing to everybody else?  

one day hes winning races and championships and now out of no where he cant even get a top 5.they are pushing him out.they are gambling on a new generation of drivers to bring fans in.

it was literally like a flick of a switch last year.out of no where.

well, it is not JUST jj..most all the chevy drivers r struggling some..

true,but they are all running about normal what stands out is #48 not getting top 5s,wins and leading laps..

I think they r all improving some,  I hope so.  

ill say they are when 48 gets a win...

Tombo, it is not JJ that is having a problem all Chevys from all the major teams (Hendrick, RCR) are hurting. Go back and take a look at where the Chevys start in most races this year. Most of them start in the bottom 10 positions and finish in the bottom 10 or further back. I notice on most restarts the fords and Toyotas pull away from the Chevys. Body design has nothing to do with the start at that point its all power and for some reason, Chevys don't have it. Does anyone have any info on what is going to be done to improve the Chevy power problem?

Does anyone have a direct email link to one of the major chevy teams?

idk frc, but I know chevys just don't have the power or speed,,some tracks it is not so important,,but mostly it is a big problem.  ford has the clear advantage, somehow,,,

Today at Sonoma Raceway six Chevys qualified in the top 10 starting positions. The race has not started yet, now we'll see where they finish. With these top 6 starting positions; do you think Chevy came up with an engine upgrade? 




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