I finally got the time to watch my recording of Race Hub and saw the tech interview with Erin Evernham and her explanation of what a driver sees (or can't see) in a winged Sprint car, and all of the info about the direct drivetrain, no clutch, offset tires, and accelerating the car to steer. I hope that some of the "geniuses" on all of these sites who became racing fans and experts literally overnight got a chance to see it, and actually absorbed a little TRUTH and FACTS for a change. (fingers double crossed).
Mostly though, I really enjoyed the feature about AJ Allmendinger's win this weekend and the story about his road to "recovery" back into the NNC series. I've always liked the Dinger, and was excited to see him make it to victory lane and into the Chase this Sunday. What a feel good story, a driver who was suspended, admitted his mistake, took the second chance given to him, and made it a success. A small one car team giving him that second chance, and winning at stock car racing's highest level against the best teams, the best drivers, and some of them with far superior equipment.
Thank you all on the #47 team... we REALLY needed a feel good story this week.
Onward... Upward...Forward...

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