Tony Stewart will return to Cup Sunday for the race at Atlanta as most of us have already heard. Tony will do a press conference on FOX1 Sports tomorrow at 12pm CST. We would all hope that the mainstream press would grant Tony a little grace and not ask some of the questions that we know that they are going to ask, and refrain from some of the sensational comments that they made essentially crucifying him in the days that followed this tragic accident involving Tony Stewart and the death of Kevin Ward Jr.
Stewart fans... please brace yourselves because that likely is NOT what is going to happen. The press has a job to do. I'm not defending them, just stating a fact. My hope is that Stewart will make his comments, and then not answer any questions. I also hope that the trolls and haters that are part of social media stay underneath the refrigerator with all of the other cockroaches. Once again Tony Stewart fans... brace yourselves (Probably also NOT going to happen).
It's also rumored that Tony's team has asked NASCAR for a provision that would allow him to participate in the Chase for the championship should he win one of the next two races. While NASCAR's new Chase format allows for a driver to participate in the Chase if the driver has a win and is in the top 30 in points (which Tony still is), it also requires the driver to qualify for every race. I can't profess to know what is right for Tony Stewart, SHR, or even NASCAR in regards to whether NASCAR allows this provision IF Stewart were to get a win. I can only surmise that there will be many detractors.
I pray for Tony Stewart and the Ward family. I'm glad to see Stewart return to the track, and once again Tony Stewart fans... brace yourselves.
Onward... Forward... Upward.

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