Hey Everyone, as mentioned, I'm doing a short blog on how to deal with hate.  Based on that topic, I probably should not have any swearing in it, huh? Well, we'll see how that goes, and trust me, you'll know if that happens.


For me, I've not expierenced a ton of bad things in my life. Many people I've not wanted to talk to, sit with etc.. I've had to for projects or whatever other reason.  I knew it was only temporarly, so I was able to do it.  I've learned it's ok to work with anyone, be with anyone you don't hang out with..that's the expierence, and what makes it fun and exciting.  You go in with a positive attitude, expect nothing, and see how it goes.  In terms of grudges, you shouldn't hold them against you, for something that happened in the past.  I mean, I still have a grudge where I just hate thinking about the person, and won't go near the topic.  I've just always hated that person.  You know but that's not a good example to go by. I'm showing my faults, so you don't do the same, so you improve from me.  In terms of youtube hate, well I have people say I suck etc. Deal with it, your not perfect someone is not going to like you.  The damn hate is always there, and you've got to be able to work around the damn thing.  That's the whole thing, you can't let it affect you.  You got to go into life with a positive attitude, a smile, expect the un-expected, don't stick to a routine and enjoy life.  Let the curveballs come and ride them.  The curveballs may come back and hit you in the damn face.  But do you stay down or get back up? You get back up, you go again, you keep trying, you don't give up.  When you've got a chance to go the easy way out or overcome your fear, you take the hard way. There's a good feeling of overcoming your fear, and it makes you feel good.  Take that chance, and have a damn good time doing so.  I hope you all found this blog somewhat helpful.  I know I'm not the best writer or explainer, but I tried my best and that's what counts.  I just wanted to share my input and found this the best way to do so.  Thanks for reading this, and let me know what ya thought!


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Comment by Noahs4Smoke on August 12, 2012 at 7:43pm

I found that all hate does is make you miserable.

Comment by HighSkirts18 (aka RowdyGal18) on April 20, 2012 at 4:59am

Always remember the "Golden Rule"....and "Practice what you preach"....unless it's



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