A couple of years back NASCAR decided that instead of their never ending rules changes pertaining to how they rule on incidents between drivers taking things out between each other, they decided (due to fan feedback) that "boys have at it" would be the best way to go.

Well to me, as always when NASCAR makes changes to their never ending rules changes, they always seem to create more changes to their rules. Now follow me if it is possible. lol Not saying that NASCAR'S ruling was wrong, it's just that this "boys have at it" rule might have created more problems than it is worth.

What is the definition of what is acceptable for "boys have at it"? Was Carl Edward's retaliation against Brad Keslowski acceptable? Not to me. Obviously Kyle Busch's last retaliation against Ron Hornaday was not. To me, Kyle’s actions were despicable, and he got what he deserved. But, I must say that I think Kyle felt that he had made so many retaliatory "boys have at it" that he felt he could do whatever he wanted and there wouldn’t be any consequences for it.

Well Kyle found out different, and we all know the ending of that story. To me, if someone is holding up another driver at Martinsville, it is perfectly acceptable to put a bumper on them and move them out of the way as long as you don't put them into the wall. Heck, you can even spin them out. But if you intentionally put them into the wall or wreck them on purpose, that is not "boys have at it".

As usual, when ever NASCAR makes changes to their rules, there are always consequences that come from those changes. So, NASCAR inevitably needs to make more changes. So, where is the line that can or not be crossed. Can you take out a driver because you are pissed off at him, or should NASCAR set real rule standards that let all the drivers know what is acceptable or what is not?

To me, this "boys have at it" has got out of hand and NASCAR needs to do whatever they need to do to get it under control. NASCAR said when they implemented this new rule of "boys have at it", that they would let all the drivers know when the line was crossed when it happened. But by that time, it really is too late for a driver to know. By that time they have already paid the price.

NASCAR's never ending changing of the rules makes everyone, the drivers, the crew chiefs, the owners and yes us fans perplexed, and just plain confused as to what is acceptable and what is not.

So, NASCAR please get a handle on this situation and make one last change to the rules so we all can understand what "boys have at it" really means!!!!!

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Comment by Woody Ferrell on November 18, 2011 at 7:34am

I liked that about Dale Sr, never liked him for his racing style. But I did admire the way he handled himself. I remember after one race that Jr won, and there was someone going up to Jr's window to congratulate him. And Sr just came up behind him and grabbed him by the arm and moved him to the side like he wasn't even there. Sr then went up to Jrs window and gave him a huge proud fatherly hug and congratulations. That's the Sr I most remember and appreciated.

Comment by Woody Ferrell on November 18, 2011 at 7:26am

morning Micheal, my comment was in response to something Duhhub posted but must have deleted afterwards. I know exactly where you stand my friend. I agree with you about Sr, but the difference is that Sr never hid or ran after the race. He would be right there if anyone had an issue they wanted to settle, and he was glad to oblige! lol

Comment by Woody Ferrell on November 17, 2011 at 10:55am
So you consider what Vickers has been doing just hard racing? Not in my book, not by a long shot!
Comment by Woody Ferrell on November 17, 2011 at 6:46am

LMBO, your funny Michael. I make a mean chili, and I love to cook so a cook off or recipe club sounds great to me. Who knows, maybe someday we just might get to go fishing! Off to work, catch ya latter alligator.

Comment by Bootsy ♥♥ on November 16, 2011 at 8:29pm

Brian Vickers is a bad boy that Nascar is trying to ignore also. I agree Woody, but I think Nascar gave Kyle so many chances this season and Kyle just rubbed it in their face. Well said.



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