Translated: We are going to bring this sport back to a time when no one knows who they are.

With the calls made in this chase it appears they are trying to make a joke out of this sport. Bowyer get docked 150 points for driving a car that they say when they did their 5th inspection on it, it was .006 of 1 inch out. In essence take 1 inch and break it down 1000 times, take six of those pieces together. That is what you are looking at. While measuring, the slightest angle in measurement can add that much. It took 5 inspections to find such a small amount. If you cut it off the car and dropped it on the floor, you better break out a magnifying lens to find it.

Reuti seeks out revenge on a chaser. Well I personally think he had to do it. 3 weeks in a row he was pushed out of what could and would have been a good finish. Kyle got what he deserved, but that don't make it fair or right. What sport lets other teams seek out revenge and doesn't punish them in someway. Hell Kes got put on probation just because they thought he might seek revenge. It went over the radio and Rueti also admitted it was on purpose. Double standards and lack of credibility are why they will bring this sport back to it's roots. By roots I mean back to local dirt tracks, because consumers are going to be tired of the lack of sportsmanship in this sport. Soon we will have no sport just 43 guys in man ships. They will all be flying by the seat of their pants, because the rules make no sense with all the double standards.

Just my rant for the day. I love this sport but I have to admit I see a trend developing. There will be those who say when it fails to draw fans, like it has been, that it is because of the economy. Don't be fooled by those lies. It has hurt it some but nothing like the impact from the higher ups in this sport. It don't cost to watch on TV. Yet ABC dumped it off to ESPN because they couldn't make enough money to sell the time slots for commercials. In this economy you can still afford power to turn on your TV. So that debunks the whole economy thing right out the window. If you can't get people to watch on TV now, how many will be in the stands next year? ABC should be removed from being able to host anymore races because the original contract signed was to televise on ABC not ESPN. It was a breech of contract, but this is their show to screw up and Boss Hog and his boys seem to be doing that pretty well lately.


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Comment by Dave Norris™ on October 12, 2010 at 6:29pm
i agree with the "have at it boys" philosophy, but the double standard shown this season has got to go.

I'm just WAITING on some loaded NASCAR fan, who is tired of all this bs, to start a new circuit formed around how much better racing was between the 60's and 90's.....when you could buy a car off a showroom floor modify it to the specs and roll with it.....not the COT type crap that goes on now. I love dirt track racing, and we have whats said to be the fastest 3/8 mile clay oval in the country right here in my area, East Alabama Motor Speedway , but how i would LOVE a paved short track similar to its size, maybe a little longer in the area too! Anyone want to invest in one? I know the architect who designed Iowa Speedway, but it doesn't need to be that fancy unless you wanna pour a funky boatload into it. I gotta location in mind already, we can absolutely STEAL the land. If I remember right, it's about 500 acres, only need about 250 for the track, tons of frontage on a state highway that could be plotted out and sold for convenience stores, restaurants, etc that would more than pay back the investment! Also have a great group to propose sponsorship for the track, AFLAC.....

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