My Weekend at Michigan International Speedway goes like this.. Okay so it was like a 3 hour drive but we FINALLY got there around 3ish. We set up the camper and looked at the map and the activities going on during the weekend and that night (i brought my friend Andrea along because she wanted to go and so i could have a friend with me). We stayed at the Tree Farm camp site in between turns 3 and 4. I recommend the Tree Farm because it is family friendly, it is cheaper than than the Turn Two Retreat. I DO NOT recommend M50 Creekside because it is not family friendly, it smells like poo, and the people do too. Anyways, The first thing that we did was wait in-line for a trolley that takes you everywhere, except the only probably  was that we could walk to the place faster than wait for the trolley to come. So we walked over to the merchandise trailers. We saw Carl's and Greg's so we went on the hunt for Trevor's, they didn't have one. After that we looked at the travel guide thing and decided to go to the the stage of Trackside on Speed. We made a poster that said GO CARL, We want to see a back flip! and we held it up and finally made our way to the front and got on T.V.! We held our sign up all the way back to the camper. We made a camp fire and went to bed because it was going to be a BIG day tomorrow. We woke up early and got dressed, it was REALLY hot outside that day. My mom signed up for the Heluva Good Dips thing where you get into the Hospitality tent and get to eat and get all of this free stuff. We got to the Hospitality tent while the Sprint cup drivers were practicing. We ate and got some free drinks and stuffed them into the cooler:). The tour guides came up and told us that we had also won Pit Passes and we didn't even know. one of the tour guides told us that he likes Carl too! He said that we might even get autographs and get to meet some drivers because they are getting out of their cars! The tour guides told us that we will be walking down the cave thing and we will end up in pit road! We walked for it seemed like forever! We finally popped out on the other side. There was so many people! We saw some tall guy with people all around him so we ran to got see who it was, we got up there and it wasn't Carl. Then we saw Carl's car going down pit road because he was done qualifying so we followed it. He got out of the car and was doing an interview and then he signed autographs!! Well i got one, and he told Andrea that he likes her shirt (My shirt) because it had him on it! it was sooo exciting! Later that day we got to our free seats (right on the end of pit road) that we also won! And we got to see Carl win that race and do a back flip in person! When we got back to the campsite we got our poster and changed it to GO CARL! We want to see ANOTHER back flip. Then we went to my aunts campsite in Turn Two Retreat and showed her and my cousins the autograph, they were pretty jealous;). The next day we went back to the merchandise trailers and got some hats and went to our seats in turn 3! The REALLY tall stands. Carl was soooo close too winning that race, but hey i got to see Jr. spin out! We went back to the camper after the race and noticed our very very red legs and our very very defined tan lines :). I still have my tan lines and its been 6 months since June! At the end of the weekend i had, had a great time and didn't want to leave! I also saw Kyle Petty and Rutlage Wood! I HAD A BLAST!!

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Comment by emma1448 on December 16, 2011 at 7:44pm
I also forgot to mention that while we were sitting around the campfire we would look up and see floating lanterns! and some person had a cooler scooter :)
Comment by emma1448 on December 16, 2011 at 7:40pm
forgot to mention seeing Trevor Bayne!! he was a meeting or something though, to some some pictures you can go to my page and look through the pictures!



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