In the past few weeks, there have been many owner points' swaps. First, Danica Patrick got her points from Tommy Baldwin Racing to lock her into the Daytona 500. Then Red Bull Racing's old owners points were taken by Sinica Motorsports to get themselves into the first 5 races.

Now, Frank Stoddard, owner of the FAS Lane Racing Team, will give Mark Martin and Michael Waltrip his points from his two 2011 teams. That will lock both MWR drivers into the 500 and the next four races. Terry Labonte, who is also racing the 500 for FAS Lane, is locked in by his Champion's Provisional. This is where it gets crazy. After the Daytona 500, Labonte will recieve the owners points from what was Roush Fenway Racing's #6 car.

Simply put, this is getting out of hand. Teams are swapping points as if it's penny candy. The top 35 rule, along with the champ's provisional, is not getting NASCAR anywhere and is not popular from a fan's standpoint. The time is right for those two rules (or at least the top 35 rule) to be put away completely. The fastest 43 cars in qualifying should make the race. When Tony Stewart slaps the wall coming of of turn 4 during qualifying and is only 44th fastest, he has to miss the race. If Kurt Busch can't power his car to be better than 45th, he shouldn't make the race. It would eliminate confusion and what is known to many fans as "points racing" during qualifying. Especially during the weeks leading up to the 500, it seems as if everyone doesn't have enough confidence in their ability to go fast.

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Comment by Noahs4Smoke on February 17, 2012 at 7:53pm

Well put, Duh.

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