Driver's driving the car? Or car driving the driver?

Is it me or has the racing gotten very soft lately? This is the top racing series right? Seems to me that the 'boys have at it' approach has had the opposite effect that NASCAR intended. No more do we see drivers taking risks and going three wide, or a driver dive-bombing into a turn to pass someone. The only real bumping we see is at Dega and Daytona, and that's because of the tandem racing. Why are these guys just sitting in their cars for a joyride and being content with what they have, instead of using a fender here and there and getting  more than what they've got? 


What I see is driver's relying too much on their cars, and once their setup is maxed out to its potential we see no natural ability from driver's using their actual skill to get to the front or gain some positions. I'm in no way saying that these guys aren't giving their all, but what I see is majority of drivers relying too much on setup and forgetting the hardcore hard-nosed racing that this sport was founded on. Too many times these days these drivers aren't racing at the end. They are just riding around hoping that the fuel-mileage calculations are correct, and doing this totally takes away from any type of ACTUAL racing.


Of course there are a few aspects that might be a contributor to this style of racing. One of them being the cars being so aero-dependant. So many times we see a car gain on another but cannot complete the pass because of dirty air. The car behind is obviously faster, but once they get in the car's dirty air that's in front of them they can't do anything. Another might be the thought of fuel strategy in the back of the drivers and crew chiefs mind. It has become such a part of racing today that majority of teams unload on Friday already preparing for a fuel-mileage race. Another contributor to the current style of racing may be the tires, and the fact they are actually too good of a tire. These tires are not falling off like they did in the past, which allows teams to log more laps which then allows the fuel-milage aspect to kick in and become the main objective.


It seems to me that drivers and teams are falling back on the cars' setups and the fuel-mileage aspect of things and forgetting the one main thing: PLAIN OLD RACING. 

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Comment by Duhhub on October 18, 2011 at 8:56am

Interesting, Brikim. Toyota has a good flock of drivers in it's stable, and usually is a threat for the win. But Chevrolet is still the best manufacturer in NASCAR, no doubt.

Comment by Brikim on October 17, 2011 at 7:15pm
Read this 07 ESPN article....pretty intersting stuff considering the first few years Toyota had in NASCAR.
Comment by Joe ☮ GO ROWDY! on October 13, 2011 at 3:41pm

We still see some hard racing but at the same time I do believe that the drivers and CC are being alot more conservative because this new point system is very unforgiven.

Comment by Clyde Atkinson on October 10, 2011 at 9:36pm

Well I certainly think that the COT "standardized" race cars have made NASCAR a boring as hell series. And rest assured, standardized engines are also in the near future, it will be a series of cars that are only differentiated by the decals put on them. Good racing this year?? Did you watch Daytona or Talledega at all???? A ridiculous kind of racing with two cars hooking up until they got hot and switch places, no more real driver involvement where individual drivers took it upon themselves to figure iiut great moives in the draft and display some talent and skill. They might as well be pushing baby carriages around the track at Tona and Dega now!! Race after race at the other tracks with boring single file races because no one can pass, whoever gets out front runs away and hides. I'm sorry, but I feel that today's NASCAR racing has become a parody of it's former self, I've been a NASCAR fan since the early '70s and I am becoming more disenchanted with every race and every year.


Comment by Woody Ferrell on October 8, 2011 at 4:24pm

Actually I agree with Duhhub on this one. I think the racing has been great this year. I am usually on the edge of my seat each race this year, where I can remember falling asleep at a couple of the races in years past with the CoT. This new car is a lot better with the changes they have made, but it is still very hard to adjust and get it to where the drivers like it in my opinion.

Comment by Moritz on October 5, 2011 at 4:30pm

You know, you can take it in two different aspects. First off, they aint bumpin around like they used too, yes I'm sure lots of people miss that. OR, they want to finsih the race, not crash, avoid any bumps and be happy with a solid finish. I'm fine with how the racing is going now, I just wish they had a bit more cautions.  That would give others a chance to get on the lead lap.

Comment by Bootsy ♥♥ on October 5, 2011 at 4:10pm

I Agree, next they will be wanting cruise control installed in their cars. And if someone happens to hit or bump another driver the media blows it out just to mak the next race interesting....But hey, it's a race and I love a race...just not thrilled with the "little Old lady" driving approach.

Comment by Duhhub on October 5, 2011 at 4:08pm

I think the racing is fine. It is probably the best we have seen in years, if not ever.

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