No matter what kind of vehicle you have parked in the garage, the fact remains that cars have always been and always will be a pretty substantial investment. How long they will last and how well they will perform once we hit the road depends entirely on how much care we are ready to put into their maintenance. And sometimes, even the minor effort can save us a lot of trouble further down the road. 

Let us take a look then at a couple of tips that should make this duty considerably easier.

Research the manual

Driving blindfolded doesn't seem like a very good idea, does it? Well, in terms of car maintenance, trying to keep your vehicle together without ever reading its manual will produce roughly the same results. Besides the fact this document contains the prescribed amounts for all the liquid the car uses to properly function, learning to greater depths about all of its bits and pieces will simply help you to take much better care of the vehicle.

Learn how to handle fluids

The detailed review of fluid checkup and replacement frequency can be usually found in the vehicle's manual. But in case you've lost it, here are some common guidelines that work for most of the cars out there:

  • Engine oil – It should be checked at least once a month and changed every six months or 3.000 miles.
  • Coolants – For most of the vehicles, coolants should be completely replaced after every 30.000 miles.
  • Brake fluid – This fluid should be checked every 6.000 miles and changed every two years.
  • Power steering fluid – It should be completely replaced every four years or 50.000 miles.

Pay attention to details

While we’re focused on integral car elements, we often tend to overlook small things that have just as big impact on its performance. Just take a look at hoses and fittings that are working very hard to distribute all those gases and fluids throughout the vehicle. Losing only one can quickly cripple your car. Fortunately, AN fittings from TI Performance and similar manufactures are easy to obtain and easier to replace so you won't have a problem dealing with these minor maintenance duties. 

Take care of the tires

Taking into consideration the fact that your vehicle rolls on the tires, explaining why you should do your best to keep them in good shape would be unnecessary. Instead, we will give you a shortlist of to-do's you should go through at least once a month:

  • Check the tire pressure
  • Check the tire threads
  • Check the tire alignment
  • Rotate the tires
  • Clean the brake dust
  • Give the tires a short visual inspection

Be nice to the engine

The engine is the heart of the vehicle – its purpose is not only to turn the wheels but to produce the power for all other important systems as well. You can imagine just how important it is to give it a royal treatment. Here are some of the main tasks you should put in focus:

    • Check drive belts – Most of the mechanics would agree that belts should be replaced after they’ve passed 40.000 miles.
    • Inspect to air filters – Since they are more expandable they should be replaced every 15.000 miles.

  • Pay attention to fuel economy – A drop in fuel efficiency can point out to engine malfunction.

Don’t forget the brakes

Showing some love to your vehicle's brake system can easily save your life in a critical situation. Be sure then to put this entry very high on your maintenance list. The main duties you should tackle are regularly checking pads and rotors for the signs of attrition, properly handling oil (as mentioned above), bleeding the brake lines, and upgrading the parts on the first sign of damage. A more relaxed driving won’t hurt this cause, either.

We hope these few tips should give you some basic outline of the maintenance duties that will prolong your vehicle’s life, and, even more important, keep you and your family safe once you hit the road. Owning a car is a pretty awesome thing. How awesome it will stay in the years to follow depends entirely up to you. Keep this in mind and give your four-wheeler some much-deserved love. 

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