I really enjoyed the NNWS last night, Bristol is always an exciting track, and the fact that rain made the track "green" brought even more anticipation once the race got underway.
It was awesome to see a full time NNWS driver get a win over a veteran Sprint Cup driver as well. I wasn't really happy with Larson getting wrecked out, but I was very impressed when Ryan Blaney apologized for wrecking Larson BEFORE he answered any questions during his victory lane interview. I was actually pulling for Chase Elliott.
I haven't really had an opinion about Ty Dillon (or his older brother) up until late in the race last night... now I'm sure that I don't like him. Yes "it's Bristol," and yes "a bump is a bump," and yes he's "fourth in points," (actually third after the race) and trying to "get all that he can get." Last I heard, Chase Elliott (first) and Regan Smith (second) are in a title hunt as well. I don't have a problem with Ty Dillon "bumping" at Bristol, I have a problem with the fact that he nearly wrecked the field (and himself) and didn't have enough brains to ease off when it happened, nor did he own up to it in his post race interview which by the way came after Dillon approached Regan Smith in front of Smith's pit stall post race for an altercation.
Dillon could take a lesson in class from drivers like Kyle Larson and Ryan Blaney. He needs to listen to veterans like Regan Smith as well. More than anything he needs to close the big hole on the front of his head, and open the two little ones on the sides. Last night (and not for the first time) he came across as the "spoiled little rich kid" that one of my least favorite drivers accused him of being last year. He also needs to learn the difference between a "bump," and "dude you're driving WAY over your head!"
I still don't really have an opinion of older brother Austin other than perhaps if Kyle Larson weren't driving a Cup car so well this year, the fans might even notice Austin Dillon was driving one at all. Oh yeah... it's the #3...
Onward... Forward... Upward

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Comment by Eddie Lopes on August 26, 2014 at 10:24am

Good article.That's why I've lost respect for RCR.They're nothing but a bunch bullies.I don't care for Ty and,for now,I think Austin is showing he's more reasonable.Maybe due carrying the 3 in the Sprint Cup and all that means.But all the hype about him has been overshadowed by Larson's amazing talent,for sure!



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