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I Repeat... (Tony Stewar Fans) Be Ready...

I watched Tony Stewart's press conference today and thought that he handled it very well. I like the fact that his Operations VP took questions for him after he made his statement and then left. The media questions were a lot more respectful than I thought they would be, yet predictable just the same.

Following that press conference Mike Helton held one to announce that NASCAR will indeed give Tony Stewart the waiver to participate in the Chase should he win a race and qualify in points.…


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Tony Stewart Fans... Please Brace Yourselves.

Tony Stewart will return to Cup Sunday for the race at Atlanta as most of us have already heard. Tony will do a press conference on FOX1 Sports tomorrow at 12pm CST. We would all hope that the mainstream press would grant Tony a little grace and not ask some of the questions that we know that they are going to ask, and refrain from some of the sensational comments that they made essentially crucifying him in the days that followed this tragic accident involving Tony Stewart and the death of…


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"A Bump Is A Bump"

I really enjoyed the NNWS last night, Bristol is always an exciting track, and the fact that rain made the track "green" brought even more anticipation once the race got underway.

It was awesome to see a full time NNWS driver get a win over a veteran Sprint Cup driver as well. I wasn't really happy with Larson getting wrecked out, but I was very impressed when Ryan Blaney apologized for wrecking Larson BEFORE he answered any questions during his victory lane interview. I was actually…


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We Needed A Feelgood Story...

I finally got the time to watch my recording of Race Hub and saw the tech interview with Erin Evernham and her explanation of what a driver sees (or can't see) in a winged Sprint car, and all of the info about the direct drivetrain, no clutch, offset tires, and accelerating the car to steer. I hope that some of the "geniuses" on all of these sites who became racing fans and experts literally overnight got a chance to see it, and actually absorbed a little TRUTH and FACTS for a change.…


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Remembering Tim Richmond...

Today NASCAR fans commemorate the 25th anniversary of the loss of Tim Richmond, who surely would have been one of the sports greatest legends. Tim Richmond died of complications from AIDS in 1989, at  a time when there was no known treatment for the disease, and ignorance that fueled bitter intolerance to those infected by HIV, including some NASCAR drivers, teams, owners,  and yes, even some of those responsible for the management and ownership of the sport. For the record, Richmond's team…


Added by Mark Nelson on August 13, 2014 at 6:30pm — 5 Comments

More Problems for Roush-Fenway

3M is leaving Roush-Fenway Racing, and will be heading to Hendrick Motor Sports as primary sponsor for Jeff Gordon and the #24 team for the next three years, AFTER Roush-Fenway signed a new three year contract extension with Greg Biffle, and AFTER Carl Edwards announced that as suspected, he will not return to RFR after the 2014 Cup season. Ouch!

RFR has lost a marquee driver, and a huge primary sponsor in the last two weeks and what do they have to show for it?

Greg Biffle, a…


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Watkins Glen... Where Do I Begin?

I started the day Sunday with a heavy heart for the loved ones of Kevin Ward Junior, Tony Stewart, and everyone involved with the tragic accident at Canandaigua racing Park and finally settled in to watch the race. I like road course racing, but don't normally find it as exciting as the likes of Bristol, Richmond, New Hampshire, or Martinsville. As you can see, I clearly love short track and flat track racing.

That being said... WOW! This Sunday's race at Watkins Glen had something for…


Added by Mark Nelson on August 11, 2014 at 6:44pm — 3 Comments

Alleged Tony stewart incident at local track...

I'm watching FOX1 Sports and they reported (unconfirmed) that Tony Stewart is being investigated by police after an incident during a Sprint car race at Canandaigua Park earlier in which Stewart allegedly during a caution struck another driver who was out of his car and walking towards Stewart's car to confront him about an on track incident.

Police and promoters stopped the event, and told those in attendance to leave.

It has been confirmed that a driver…


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