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Atlanta race preview

Last week, we were beating and banging at one of NASCAR's shortest tracks: Bristol. As teams rush to fix the teared sheet metal and overheated engines, we head down to Georgia and Atlanta Motor Speedway for this week's AdvoCare 500.

Located in Hampton, Georgia (slightly south of Atlanta), AMS is a fast 1.54 mile quad-oval. The turns are also highly banked, at 24 degrees to be exact. But when the drivers exit the turns onto the straightaways, they are greeted with a 5 degree surface.…


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Hurricane Irene Hits Rural Vermont Towns In A Devistating Way

Hi everyone, My son Seth is one of the thousands who have been isolated from the rest of the world in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene in Vermont. Attached are pictures Seth took with his cell phone right after the storm subsided as he was trying to find a way out. All roads and bridges were washed out or taken away by the raging waters that have devastated most of southern Vermont. These small towns and communities have been left with no power, no phones, no water and no means of…


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Bristol race preview

After visiting one of the fastest tracks in NASCAR last week, the Sprint Cup circuit heads south to Bristol Motor Speedway. This fast, short, and highly-banked track, which is also known as "Thunder Valley", has kept selling out through out the years because of it's close, fender-banging racing action.

Located in Bristol, Tennessee, BMS is a 0.533-mile oval. The banking here in the turns is variable, anywhere from 24 to 30 degrees. Both the front and back straightaways are 43 feet…


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2po6w0llabsnr NASCAR's Chad Knaus: The Mastermind Behind Jimmie Johnson's Championship Reign

The year was 1985, and school was just about to let out for summer vacation, a time of the year that all young people have always looked forward to. Summer to most of them meant going to visit distant relatives, maybe some camping, going to the movies with some of your friends or even an amusement park or two.

Summer can also be a time when some youngsters look for a job to put extra cash in their pockets. But to a 14-year-old…


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2po6w0llabsnr Dale Earnhardt Jr. Is Refocused and Ready To Live Up To His Potential

We are 24 races into the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup season and while looking over the standings, there is one very familiar name which was almost extinct at this time last season.

After dominating NASCAR’s most popular driver award voting for the seventh straight year, and eighth overall in 2010, Dale Earnhardt Jr., driver of the No. 88 Amp Energy/National Guard Chevrolet Impala, knew he needed to give his…


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Into the Mind of a Duhhub: Bristol

Attitude. That's the word that best describes yesterday's Bristol race. Brad Keselowski won his 3rd race of the season, which practically locks him into the Chase. His No. 2 team has a momentum-based attitude right now. They're thinking, "if we can drive as good as this now, there's no reason we shouldn't be able to in the Chase." And rightly so. Finishes of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 1st again would boost any team's morale. Let's break down this past weekend.

It was exciting racing, I…


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2po6w0llabsnr NASCAR's Problem With Scanners: Should They Be Censored or Have Warning Labels?

With three races left before the chase to the Sprint cup championship begins, the energy level continues to heat up, as time is running short to decide who will be this season’s Sprint Cup Champion.

With each passing race, the aggravation as well as the excitement will continue to take center stage not only in the garages, but out on the track as well.  

Heated exchanges between drivers, as well…


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Bristol Post-Race Interview:Brad Keselowski And Paul Wolfe

Courtesy of NASCAR Media Group

An Interview With:






THE MODERATOR:  Let's roll into our post-race winning…


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Hi I'm Emma

Hi, I'm Emma. I'm 13 years young. I love my friends! and Nascar. I have met Carl Edwards and got really close to Trevor Bayne! I like to make fun of certain drivers, It's just for fun so don't take it personally! I like to play sports! If you have anything to ask me, just ask away! I love kids, they are so cute! I grew up around babies and little kids so naturally i just think of them as cute little people! 

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Hendrick Knew The Talent, He Just Knew Better!

When Rick Hendrick signed Kyle Busch to drive the #5 car for him, he knew that Kyle was a great driver, but he also hoped that he would be a great driver that did not come with a lot of baggage. In my opinion it did not take very long for Hendrick to realize that Kyle Busch was more trouble than he was worth.

The tantrums and outburst were something he could not condone, so Hendrick made the decision to let the young and…


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Rocket Science

Rarely do I boast or write about my favorite driver, Ryan Newman. But given his performance so far this year, I felt it was time to advertise what he has done this year, and express the hope and excitement he has provided for his fans. In only the 3rd season of SHR, the question of why T. Stewart chose Ryan to join the team is no longer a question that needs to be asked. Ryan has no doubt proved this year that if you're going to battle…


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Bristol driver intro songs

One of the most unique aspects of the Irwin Tools Night Race at Bristol is that the drivers are introduced to theme songs they choose themselves. Here are the songs each driver chose for their introductions for Saturday night’s race.

Television cannot carry the introductions because of copyright laws.

Some drivers will not reveal their decisions until Saturday night:


A.J. Allmendinger – “Down with the Sickness” by Disturbed

Marcos Ambrose – “Land Down…


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2po6w0llabsnr NASCAR’s Greatest and Most Memorable Race is Only a Dream Away



Beneath the array of the brightly colored paint schemes, one would think they just woke up in the middle of some far away garden oasis. Colors are so vivid and full of explosive vibrancy that it makes even the Rose Parade look like a black and white picture. Your eyes long to adjust to the beauty of the beast, which stands at just a stone’s throw away.…


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Hee Hee

I just wanted to try this :) I'm not the best writer, especially when people tell you what to write about! Oh yeah i went to a football game tonight i have the same class schedule as my "Best friend" Eric, hes awesome :) Anywhoo, We won 27 to 28, we are only a class C school, last year we were class D. I got skirts for school if anybody cares, they look so cute on me :D. ok that's my article have fun reading and commenting!

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Fantasy NASCAR Predictions: Bristol 2 - Irwin Tools Night Race (Post Qualifying)


Will Kyle Busch Finally Be De-Throned At Bristol? 

My favorite race of the year is Saturday night, and even though driver's tempers can ruin your rosters quickly at this half-mile track, the Bristol races are usually very good weeks to pick some underdogs and take a chance. Ryan Newman grabbed the pole for the Irwin…


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2po6w0llabsnr Danica Patrick Announces Full-Time Commitment: Was Popularity Compromised For Talent?


When it was first announced that IZOD IndyCar Series driver Danica Patrick would be officially making her debut in the NASCAR Nationwide Series for the 2010 season, the internet exploded with the fans blogging about what type of impact she would have on the sport.

With many unanswered questions because of her lack of experience behind the wheel of the much heavier stock car, and the fact that her Indy car career was less…


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Please, Stop Your Complaining About Jr!

Over the years I have watched as Dale Jr has won 2 Busch Championships, 18 career Cup Victories and become the most beloved NASCAR driver of all time. But the thing that sticks in my mind the most was watching as the TV cameras caught Dale Jr climb from his #8 car immediately after the conclusion of the 2001 Daytona 500, and running to the crash scene to find out if his dad Dale Sr was all right, only to find out his dad had passed…


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Nascar cam interview transcript-brad keselowski

Courtesy of NASCAR Media Group

An Interview With:

ASHLEY JONES: Welcome to today's NASCAR teleconference in advance of Saturday's Irwin Tools Night Race at Bristol Motor Speedway. Our guest…

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Fantasy NASCAR Preview: Bristol 2 - Irwin Tools Night Race

One of the most exciting races of this NASCAR season will take place this Saturday evening at Bristol Motor Speedway as the drivers will gear up for (at least) 500 laps under the lights on this half-mile race track. Races at "The Bull Ring" have recently ended with some surprising faces up front--Paul Menard, David Reutimann, and Marcos Ambrose come to mind--so this may be the week…


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2po6w0llabsnr The Allison Legacy Continues; 18 Years Later

 The world weighs on my shoulders, but what am I to do? You sometimes drive me crazy, but I worry about you.” These few lyrics from Rush, one of rock’s more infamous bands tells a small story about the life of the Allison family, and “The grace under pressure” they endured while racing in the NASCAR series.

Many times I have sat back thinking how much worrying did Bobby Allison go through watching his sons Davey and…


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