to play for prizes, (shown), you just need to have donated to NN in 2018 or later. or play just for fun,,Those already eligible will have an * by their names.  A double ** means you are eligible, but just playing for fun. 

new format this year,,pick 4 drivers. keep them til end of 9 races,before dega,,,change any or all and keep them for next 9 races,,,before Kentucky change again if u wish,,keep for 9 races, then last change before Richmond race. scoring is the same. u only have to pick 4 times for the season. a winner prize every 9 races,,plus the oa prize at end of season. good luck,,a surprise bonus or two along the way,,,first one will be for the daytona 500.  stay tuned,,

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Comment by William Pray 12 hours ago

Thanks Rust !

Comment by RustorBust yesterday

Great job "Will"!

Comment by William Pray on Sunday

Very Welcome Eve , just trying to help out . 

Comment by Eve♥#9 on Sunday

thx will,,,when I posted from race results, it looks like they had not added the stage points yet,,,sorry,,,,i guess I am going to have to delay results posting til a day later,,,,when they get the complete points done...2nd time this has happened,,thx to William, he spotted it.

Comment by William Pray on Sunday

I just thought I would help you out with this since the points showing are not the points from the race . According to the official points from the race the list from Kentucky should look like this :

According to the points from the race I am seeing it should be like this :

1. Eddie       148  ( 18,19,4,1 ) 53+21+20+54=148

2. Eve          142  (9,18,22,19) 22+53+46+21=142

3. Bonnie     140  (18,19,22,4) 53+21+46+20=140

4. Corey       140  (18,19,22,4) same

5. Rust         140  (18,19,22,4) same

6. Gaby        140  (18,19,22,4) same

7. Will          137  (18,19,2,22) 53+21+17+46=137

8. HS            137  (18,19,2,22) same

9. Waco        136  (18,22,4,2 )  53+46+20+17=136

10. Princess  136  (18,22,4,2) same

11. 1st Hemi 136  (18,22,4,2) same

12. Old School 121 (19,22,14,2) 21+46+37+17=121

13. Nova         117 (19,14,11,4) 21+37+39+20=117

14. Kart          108 (9,12,11,4 )  22+27+39+20=108

15. Roxy          73  (48,12,24,4)  7+27+19+20=73

I got the points from the race results from the Kentucky race on

Comment by GabyFischer on Saturday

Sorry Corey, it seems I copy&past your picks... lol

Comment by GabyFischer on Saturday

18, 19, 22, 4

Comment by Corey 4Champ on Saturday

18 19 22 4

Comment by RustorBust on Saturday

I'm staying with my original picks.

Comment by HighSkirts18 on Saturday

18, 22, 19, 2.......sorry Eve.....Congrats to you amd William!!!


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