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Comment by Racepro on November 19, 2013 at 9:28pm

This little story is about my Dear Son Neil, most people know him as Burd Dawg!

It starts off with a particular kind of Southern Delicacy, commonly known as Pickled Sausage.

Every Red Blooded Southern American Male, just loves these things!! And the great part is when you are done with the sausage, you can use the pickle juice to make yet a better Southern Delicacy, Pickled Eggs!!

When  Burd Dawg was about 15 years old, we had finished up a gallon jug of Pickled Sausage, and he put in to making our very own batch of Pickled Eggs using the left over Pickle Juice.  I agreed, and went out an purchased 3 dozen Cackle Berries, Eggs for y'all up North ... LOL

I brought them home, and Burd Dawg commenced to beggin to let him make them, I agreed.  And some 2 hours later I noticed a gallon jug full of eggs.

Now, to wait 3 weeks for them to pickle real good!!

Finally 3 weeks had gone by, and I was kicked back drinking a Miller Lite, while watching a good Football Game on TV, and thought of those Pickled Cackle Berries!!

So, I asked Burd Dawg to bring me a few.  He brought me a paperplate with 3 or 4 on it, and to took hold of one, and it still had it's shell on it?

Well ....... i was confused to say the least, and asked Burd Dawg why the heck he didn't shell the Cackle Berries before putting them in the Pickle Juice!!  

His reply: "Dang, dad how could I do that and keep the insides intact?"

I said, "WHAT the heck are you talking about?"

He replied again, "Dad how could I do that and keep the insides intact?"

I said, "You boil them, dingbat!!"

"Oh, You do?" he asked, "I thought the pickle juice did that!!"

I need not go any further with this story.



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