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Comment by Eve ♫ on March 27, 2014 at 4:16pm


When I was just a little girl,

I played with dolls, and fixed my curls,

I rode my pony and climbed a tree,

Fell off my bike and scraped my knee,

     I needed my Dad to comfort me.


Time passed by and our life was fine,

no ones Dad was as nice as mine.

Then I entered my teenage years,

With all it's thrills and secret fears.

     Bet Mom and Dad cried a million tears.


I soon became a grown-up girl,

Moved through life in a crazy whirl.

I married young, then motherhood,

Had lots of friends in the neighborhood.

     I thought I had it really good.


Then I lost Mom and felt so sad,

Thank God that I still had my Dad.

In later years, I was all alone,

A single Mom, making a home.

     Boy, did I ever need my Dad.


Now I have a very good man,

He gives us all the love he can.

We've happiness and joy to spare,

And I know that he always cares.

     But I will always need my Dad.

Comment by Gordo on February 6, 2014 at 12:55pm

Then shall your light break forth like the dawn, and your healing shall spring up speedily  :-)

Comment by Roxy48 on February 6, 2014 at 12:34pm

Loneliness surrounds me

Its darkness engulfs me like a storm cloud

Tears fall from my eyes like rain drops

The winds of sadness buffet me, chilling me to the bone

The drumbeat of my heart pounds like the thunder

Pulling me deeper and deeper into an abyss of despair

Praying for the sunshine and rainbow that may never come

Longing for the shelter of love

Comment by Eve ♫ on January 31, 2014 at 8:12pm


Oh the changes that are coming,

By rule of Brian France.

I heard a fan say, "super cool!"

And I've read a lot of rants!

We'll love the rules, or hate the rules,

Depending who they help.

If they go against our drivers,

Well, then you'll hear us yelp!

But one thing i know for certain,

The rules are here to stay.

And excitement is a building!

Can't wait for first race day!

Comment by Eve ♫ on January 25, 2014 at 11:46pm

thanks geoff...very interesting.

Comment by The Grunt on January 25, 2014 at 11:10pm

I'm learning networking now, or at least taking a run at it, and who knows what's next??

Don't go to far people, there's bound to be more..........

Written by:Geoff (Grunt) Motchan

April, 1999

Comment by The Grunt on January 25, 2014 at 11:10pm

Guess what? I'm on the little puter I had most recently built for myself, number four I think, and it has the same bug, surprize, surprize !!Two hundred and twenty nine files infected, cleaned down to ten. Gee, gets better and better.
Puter one, my main one and soon to be server, has everything that is important, so the way I see it, I have to find a way to save the clean info from it.
So bye, bye puter two. Once I formmated the drive clean, I installed it puter one and called it the master hard drive and installed my win 98 onto it. When I was finished installing windows and making the hardware work, I began shifting files from one hard drive to the next. Surgery now completed on puter one, it was a simple job to put the remaining hard drive in puter two and format it there. Problem solved right ? Job well done huh?
I sit there and wonder, what just happened exactly? Yes, both my babies are fine, but what got me and nobody else? So on the net we go. I spoke to friends in thre different countries and nine of them finally agreed to take the scan on the net. And nine of them failed worse than I.
Two of the nine were in town where I live, so I went there ( one house, two puters ), and pulled off the same bit of magic for him. Not bad huh?? To bad the remaining seven were all over the world, and me determined to save the world. He,he,he,he,he,he,he,he !!!!!

For more than a week to follow that night, I helped whom I could. I met one new set of friends in England, who turned out to be very good people in deed, were the last to discover the bug. They found it the night before the dead line.
No problem, right? We spent hours typing back and forth until we were all as sure as we could be that they could do what I was instructing them on. Pretty scarey when telling a friend how to reformat in typed messages, if anything goes wrong, he's all alone. Well, it actually went very well, he got back to me within the hour to say thanks.So, as with all the rest I said scan again and we'll call it a night.
You know it, he failed the scan. The bug came back !!!! I looked at the clock and new, I'd been beaten on this one.I couldn't see my friends face in England, but I knew he was aware aswell.
It was him that broke the silence eventually, letting me off the hook. The following night he got ahold of me to say he got hit, new motherboard and start from scratch. I felt like hell.

That was a big lesson for me, I felt let down by myself. There is eight others though that still say thanks, and my friend in England, he's started to build a second puter. Swears he never would have tried it had it not been for the work we had done together.
My bug busting days are far from over, but I've sold a number of puters now, and I've contracted my services to a shop in town here, so I'm a little bussier nowadays.

Comment by The Grunt on January 25, 2014 at 11:09pm

Lets not forget, by now I've spent a great deal of time on the web, I've got three home pages, I'm learning to read Java, in short, I've turned out to be an adequit web crawler.You get to know people on the web through games and chat rooms. This led me to the realization that others have had my troubles, but not my luck getting through them.
For me the next move was an obvious one. Time to learn from the people I want to help. Now I'm online helping people with some simple problems that I have managed to cure on my own already.Until the test.
I had a friend, I met on the puter in my travels, that lived a few hundred miles north of me, who in turn had a nieghbor in trouble with an old machine that had been wiped out by a virus of some kind, and the nearest tech was a hundred and fifty miles south of her. So now my friend says, "can you try to help her"?
I explained it would be tough when I'm not in touch with her directly, so I wasn't sure what to do. It was my friend who said, "I'll call you on the phone from her house and you can talk me through it ".
Had to admit, nervous though I was, it was an interesting challenge. We agreed on a time and I waited for whatever it was I wouldn't be able to help with. On top of that, this lady has to pay for the long distance call. Hmmm.

Do you believe it? Two and a half hours later, I'm being thanked for working some kind of miracle, " Nobody else could have helped, we tried ", was the compliment given me that night.
My question to her was why? The answer was that nobody else would try !!
Again my temper flared, but before I could get into it, she's explaining that a few others have a pile of similar quirky problems that pop up, but don't really interfear enough to stop thier puters from working, "they're just annoyed really", she explained.
Now once again, just a personal thing, but I really hate coininsidence. First order of bussiness now is to connect the dots.
Ok, my little brain has a new goal. I'm out reading on the web one day, when a friend sends me an address, it's an online system scan for viruses.Knowing I don't need this service didn't stop me from getting there to check it out though.
Once I got there I watched the scan, and the names in blue that belonged to the virus that had a hold on my operating system.
Now this can't be right, I've got two hundred and fourty nine infected files, all by the same bug ! Again I scanned. The service cleaned all but ten of the files. They could not be cleaned or deleted. Now What? I think we all know what needs doing.
Ok, mind made up, I scanned a last time. In less than five minutes, it took out another system file. Now this tells me I'm on a time limit to boot. GREAT !!
Seems now it's my but on the line. I went to the bug book area, ( an on line virus encyclopedia ) and got to know my bug. Seems I got a bad one, labled
"destructive and unstoppable", and just in case that wasn't enough, it came with a melt down date. In other words, on the date given, you turn on your puter to find an empty shell where your hard drive used to be. Oh goody !

Comment by The Grunt on January 25, 2014 at 11:09pm

Kind of a loose explanation, but I'm the fly on the wall, so live and learn, right?
"Whats the answer doc,"I asked him on the way back inside. He said, "Format",
was the reply. Again I'm thinking, a bit extreme, but he knows what he's doing right? He,he,he,he. He said, " I responsible to cover parts and labour, not customer screwups ". Now I knew this was right, if not cold. So I continued to prod him. " So what does this mean to the customer? ", I asked with purity.
I'll tell you folks, there's nothing like letting somebody ramble on in a God like manor. For the record, if you choose to do it in front of me, BE GOD ! He,he,he.
Anyway, he told me this proceedure would cost the customer about eighty five bucks. Ouch ! So, of course I did the unforgivable and asked," Isn't there another way? ". Wow ! I almost ducked, he glared at me and said," the guy can pay for his mistakes ! ".
OOOOOOK. As you can imagine, I shut up once again and waited for the minutes to help close the open wound. The next puter was freezing up on start up. So, again he uses his own brand of foul language and says, " Screw it ! ",
and off comes the case sides and the machine is down to it's motherboard in minutes.
Your thinking I would have said something by now, right? He,he,he,he,he.
"Whats the problem, is it the hardware "? See, you were right. He said, "something is conflicting". So again, in with the other foot, "So how do you know what to replace"?
" I'll show you " he said, and proceeded to grab all new parts off the shelves,
remove the new hardware and insert the old to then be placed back on the shelf for sale. Yup, I know, I didn't miss the opening, don't worry.
" So, when the bad part or parts are returned later, you just deal with those customers at that time when thier puters don't work "?
From him I get " You got it now " !

I'm driving home in disgust thinking that these everday problems are what people want fair treatment on, not to get worked over from an ass like that.
That night, and for a great deal to follow, my new mission was "Peoples feelings of helplessness and abandonment", this had taken on a life of it's own with me.
I drove myself hard through my ignorence, and after tracking down a fair arsonal of normal " People Problems ", I proceeded on for another few weeks.
I experimented inside MSDOS, in windows, altering CMOS and BIOS settings, even going as far as to force the wrong drivers onto the wrong hardware.

Comment by The Grunt on January 25, 2014 at 11:09pm

Are you ready??
All together, an eleven hour job, victorious at that, and there's only one thought in my head. " I AM FURIOUS !!!! " How could I have done this?? Why does it
work?? I had damn near everything but the heavens against me, and it works,
WHY ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Needless to say, the next step was to prove to myself, it only looked like it works. After taking a few lumps on my ability to configure a modem, I was on the net downloading my personal faves.
As I did this,I cast my mind back to when I loaded my first puter right into retirement. Thats when it first struck me, test number one, load it like the virgin I was very early on.
Right again, I poured the coals to her, I was on a mission !!! I loaded music, videos, programs I never even heard of before ( and couldn't imagine how to use) until I thought I'd get some kind melt down warning. Wanna guess the result once I loaded each and every program?? It worked. HMMM???
And now I'm not furious, I'm curious. I know, dumb luck !! Of course !!

Fdisk, format, load windows. Install drivers, configure communications, hit the net, download about a third of it into my hard drive, and???? It still works. HMMMM?? Please remember my schooling for mechanics. Apart from anything else, it taught me a respect of my limitations. Now, here I am about to boldly accept an idea. I may be able to do this, not be some kind of expert, but more along the lines of an experience technician. Right, time for bed !!

The damn store is taking it's time opening. I have to define my luck from the previous tests. When I got in, I immediately attacked the poor tech.
You have to understand the train of thought I was following, still in need to prove the fluke, so to speak. Well, I didn't get far this time, in walked the first two repair jobs to draw his attention from my spinning mind. As I'm patient by nature I asked if I could be the fly on the wall while I waited. His responce was, "Just try not to touch what you don't understand ". He,he,he,he. Ok. This is what he was trained for, not I, so quite literally I was up against the wall. I thought, "shut your yap and try to learn something here ". After about ten minutes of cursing on his part, he said, " smoke break, wanna join me? ", he,he,he,he,he.
Sure, I can use one. Outside he said, " some people shouldn't own a computer."
He,he,he,he. CLICK ! My mind was racing, now it's not what luck did I have to make mine work, but what Bad luck did the customer have?? So I asked the tech what was the matter with a brand new computer, why could it be put down so fast, and apparently, so easily?? His responce was," they've loaded in some programing of some kind that doesn't agree with windows ".


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