Simply 3-and then some!


Simply 3-and then some!

BIG CHANGES FOR 2019 - Lots of bonus points

The simple game with your final outcome being ruled by Bonus Points.

  • Pick your team of three (3) drivers with one pick from each of the three group selections for the new season by the drop of the green flag at Daytona.
  • Each week you will receive the point your drivers are awarded.
  • There will be lots of Bonus Point chances, like every 3rd or 4th race… something as simple as; Pick one of your team’s driver to receive double their points.
  • There will be two “Hire and Fire” during the season.


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Comment by RustorBust yesterday

 Thanks Gaby. Its a tuff position to be in. Infact, I HATE making changes! Especially this time of the season. I have little to no chance of catching you, but I could fall off the podium if I didnt make a change. But "Princess" stated we have more bonus points and changes yet to come yet. Thus my change,,,,,,,,,,,for now. I aint givin up!!

Comment by Corey 4Champ on Saturday

Fire 88 Hire 20

Comment by Princess on Saturday

AX 43 and give 95 a chance....He will be pushing hard to show his worth.

Comment by GabyFischer on Saturday
That's right Rust, if I was in your position, probably I should pick something different than the first. Maybe it doesn't look fair, but I keep my team (the same since the start of the season), I think it's the best pick.
Comment by RustorBust on Saturday

Tuff call. If I pick the same as Gaby, I will never have a chance. If I continue with #43, I could fall like a rock. So since we have more bonus picks ahead, I'm gonna fire #43 and hire #95,,,,,,,,,,,,for now anyway.

Comment by RustorBust on Saturday

Dang Eric, that sounds like Trump  (your fired).  Oh No!!!!!!!!

Comment by Eric on Saturday

you are all fired but can only do 1 so: fire 8  hire 95  :)  

Comment by Eve♥#9 on Wednesday

fire bowyer, hire hamlin

Comment by HighSkirts18 on Wednesday

Fire 47, Hire 95

Comment by Princess on Wednesday


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