With his 3rd victory this year, Brad has locked himself in the chase. Many thought Brad was going to be another drop in the pan in Cup. This year he started rough and many never thought we would see the day that he was in the chase. I remember hearing the conversations about this could be the 1st year in a long time the Blue Deuce did not get a win. LoL. It has not been an easy road being a fan of Brad's, yet I never varied from my path. I have had all the faith in him since I built this band wagon. I bet ole Rick is kicking himself for not getting Brad locked.


We have one more goal to complete before the chase officially starts. Brad needs to get into the top 10 so those 3 wins will count as bonus points. Hell lets add one more to the mix. He needs to win one more to tie himself for 1st place going into the chase. (12 bonus points tied with Kyle) any way it goes, Brad has made a name for himself, not as a bad boy but as a winner. Now all those nay sayers have to rethink all they have said before. I am not one of those guys, I am the one who said last year, "watch out for Brad after the Daytona race in July." I knew it would take some time for Paul to get up to speed on the cup car and the new tracks he had never been too.


As the biggest mouth for Brad since he came to cup, it makes me feel good that he was all I thought he would be, and even more than I expected. Way to go in Bristol Brad!!! Your the biggest story in NASCAR right now. That will change I'm sure, but right now no one thinks you're a fluke. Go get em' in AMS. I will be the Crazy one in the glasses screaming "GO KES!" LoL.




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