Is it really over? I hope not. I hope to see Brad get the revenge that Nascar would not allow to happen. Carl is a dirty driver who needs to be put back in place. I once backed him because of his dirty tactics against the beady eyed weasel Kyle Busch. When he set his sights on Brad, he showed he was scared of the talent. Nascar has made it rough on Brad only because he was new to the scene. (suspending him for being left out to dry )Let the boys have at it was suppose to be the theme, unless you were Brad. Now that he has a NNS championship I don't see Nascar pulling back on his reigns so much. I don't look for Carl to start anything with him, but if he does I'm sure Brad will be right there to put his ass in the wall. 

Another thing I like is in NNS neither of them will be going for a championship. So will the NNS become the place to seek revenge? I believe so. The NNS is going to be an exciting series this year that will be full of non stop action I think. With Kyle Carl Brad and Kevin all running there you can be sure some tempers will flare up.  I can't wait for this season to get on it's way.



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