What are your expectations for Brad this year? I expect that the combo of Paul and Brad will continue to dazzle fans. I think they are going to be trying to match the top 5 record they set in NNS 2 years ago, in the cup car. Yes i expect in this year or next we will see 25+ top fives coming from the Blue Deuce in one season. That is a bold prediction but I feel that the 2 of these guys working together are the next Chad and Jimmie. 

Believing that Could leave me in for a upset with such high expectations. I don't expect to be upset with his performance this year one bit though. He has shown everyone what I saw, when I said at the beginning of the season, watch Kes right after July Daytona. Well he made people sit up and take notice. Now with eyes on him this year he is sure to amaze again.

Go Kes!! 2012 Daytona 500 needs to get here quick I'm ready to bust out my Official Kes pit shirt.

How do you think Kes will do this year?


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He'll make the Chase, win 2-3 races, and contend for the championship again.  I agree with you about Paul Wolfe and BK being the next Chad and Jimmie. In their first two years together they've won a NW championship and finished top 5 in Cup. And they aren't slowing down.

Yes they are quite a pair. 26 top 5 finishes in NNS and think how many if he didn't have Kyle, Carl and Denny hunting him down through all of that. I have to give credit to Tom for opening my eyes to him. Once i started looking I was Sooooooooo Happy that he was in my Dodge as Kasey left them. Go Kes!!!

Win Number 1 this year..... Go Brad Go!!!!

Brad is the 1st driver to win 3 races this year... This late in the game it makes him pretty much a lock. Now lets go make sure those bonus points are counted this year.....


The last hope Dodge has for a championship. Go Kes!!!!

I think will do great!!!! Even if he is in a FORD this season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 GO DUECE!!!!!! BAD BRAD!!!!


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