How is everyone? Hope ya had a great week. Mine was ok, did a little Christmas shopping, just a "little" not that much. I'm not one to go broke with my shopping, most of the time. I leave that up to my brother! I did buy my neices their Christmas. Their easy to buy for, their twins, I just buy um 2 of the same thing. And I'm a dog lover, have 2 poodles, so I bought a bag of special Christmas treats, uh huh, like their gonna know the difference! Couple more days of shopping and I'm done.

The season to be jolly...

Yep that means only one thing, 2011 is coming to an end. Were all a year older,  we've crowned a new Nascar Champion, nothing left to do now but enjoy the holidays with family and friends. If your like me then it's a great time of year. Only thing, is seems the years are going by faster than ever. What's up with that? Oh well..

It's been a pretty good year I guess...that is if you don't watch or listen to the news daily. I try not to watch the news as much as I did. Kinda depressing if you ask me. Seems things are changing faster than ever. And some crazy stuff going on in our world. Sure makes me appreciate my family and Nascar friends more than ever.

An example...Just yesterday I'm watching the news and the Governor of the great state of Rhode Island wants to call the Statehouse Christmas tree the 'Holiday' Tree. That's as much as I'm gonna go into it, but ya ought to look it up and read the story. Politically correct...gezzzz when's it gonna stop!

Whats next, you think us Nascar fans are gonna have to change the name of the Daytona 500, instead of the "Great American Race"... to the Great Nationalites Race? Which brings me to today's subject. In 2012 if "YOU" had the power to change just one thing only, what would it be? Think hard, and come up with some good stuff. It could be anything, in racing, the world in general, a different, whatever.

Me...I'm gonna have to go with science, with all the technology today, I would like to see some smartass scientist find the gene in our DNA that makes one feel inadequate and be able to remove it. Just seems to me lots of young people or people in general feel like if your not famous, privileged or gifted your inadequate to the rest of the population. Which I think is the cause of most all major problems in society today. Greed, hate, envy and the list goes on etc.

Told you we would talk about a variety of things on Monday's. And don't worry about your answer, were all friends here... heck my grandmother always told me, if my brains were leather, I wouldn’t have enough to saddle a junebug! That might have something to do with why I think everything I needed to know in life, I learned in kindergarten...awww what did she know, God rest her soul.

Oh yea...I would do away with all templates in Nascar. Think that would take care of the "lovebug" racing at Talladega & Daytona! That's 2 things, who's counting!

Alright then...what would you change? (2 things if you like) lol


(PS) This just in on the news this morning, just now...a teacher, not gonna say from what part of the country, but he says the story about Santa Claus and "Rudolph the red nosed reindeer" should be banned from the classrooms or anywhere that tells this story at Christmas time...his teaches your kids to be bully's! You always think youv'e heard it all...


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If I could change anything, I'd make it so everyone would go to Heaven when they die.

"Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens." ---Psalm 68:19

Changing the world is a grand idea.  And the sky is the limit.  I like where you started, within ourselves.  And love that Snusser went all the way to heaven.  I would elimanate greed.  That would help solve a lot of other problems at the same time.    Merry Christmas

Hey Mo.....not sure what I'd change, too many options!!! Maybe I'd force Kurt and Kyle to retire or something.   :P

Here's all the released 2012 Cup, Nationwide, and Truck schemes so far....


Hi ya doing Mo!


A close-up of my profile pic....

Looks fast!!!   LOL

Kurt around town this afternoon....


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