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It was Abraham Lincoln who said, "It is better to remain silent and be thought of as a fool than to speak and remove all doubt." Yea well he obviously wasn't around long enough to become a NASCAR fan, much less a let's get started and remove all doubt!



Instructions: Please number your answers and send them to me via a private message,thanks. Take your time...there's no time limit. Watch for your ("HINTS")   * Next Monday will be ladies night, I will try to have something for our lady members only...And for you guys too, don't panic! Have fun...


                                                        Driver quotes__GOOD LUCK


The year was ("2005") Talladega after a ("6") car pileup that kept this driver out of the ("TITLE") hunt and he was visibly upset about restrictor-place racing, when asked if he was ok... he referred to the ("WRECK") as just another ("whooping") that he use to take without all the safety devices, what ("OLD ACTIVE") veteren driver said this..."I'm like a mule. I can take it"



When this ("RETIRED") driver was asked several years ago to ("TEST") at Talladega and run at top speed, and was one of the ("first") drivers to top 200 mph at Dega, and went by the nickname ("LEADFOOT") who was also inducted into the ("International Motorsports Hall of Fame") in Talladega, what driver said this..."they said they wanted someone with a size 12 shoe and a size 2 hat."



When asked about confidence and ability, what ("ROOKIE") driver to be in ("CUP"), and with a ("limited schedule") in ("Cup") for ("2012") said this..."I have the ("tools") I need to ("WIN"). I expect it to be super hard, but I do believe it's going to happen". This driver is also known for having a potty mouth and a temper on the ("radio")!



("Before") this driver ("retired") from racing and now is ("retired") and has a voice on ("NASCAR LIVE") he was once asked this question by a do you go to the bathroom during the race? What driver with only ("8") Cup wins in his 35 year career said this..." I usually just get up off the couch in my motor home and go"



In this interview this driver was asked about his likes and dislikes with different TV shows...when asked what he thought about the TV show "Desperate Housewives" what active ("Nascar Champion") said this..." I think all housewives are desperate" This driver also was once heard on the radio referring to catching up to another driver, by seeming to be calling his pet ("cat") __ (" Here kitty kitty")



("This season") after these 2 drivers made contact when trying to go ("three-wide") around a slower vehicle and wrecked into the ("OUTSIDE WALL") this driver was super bad upset with ("now") his season outcome, what driver said this..."He lives too close to me. We'll see ("what NASCAR does"). If they don't handle it right, I'll be at his house Monday morning."   (EASY ONE)



During a race in ("1997") this driver was black flagged and fined ("$10,000") for an on track incident...afterwards when asked for his statement, what driver said this..."Screw Nascar" Also when he was told to go to the Nascar trailor after the incident which he also said this.."Nope" and in return Mike Helton warned him...("I do not want to be the one to ruin your career").



Upset ("again") with the 2-car tandem racing at Daytona & Talladega, and when asked about the spoilers, which ("popular") driver said this..."I think the spoilers are too big," "When I look at that spoiler, I can't imagine there was a lot of study that went behind how effective it would be and what it would do"



During a long caution, this drivers' ("engine tuner") not crew chief, came over the radio and ask how his gauges looked, when he answered, what driver said this..."Nice". They're silver and they all have nice little red needles…"  (hint-pay atten to answer 8, lol) Also, he's known for his comedy over the radio.



Nobody gets treated nicely at Bristol, demolition derby comes to mind! After his ("TRUCK") race at Bristol, which ended it a wreck...the year? What ("onion headed") driver said this..."I got wrecked racing for last place" Bonus prize if you know the year too!

This concludes the quiz...thank you very much!


(One of my personal favorite Dale Jr quotes)__this was during a race!

Dale on the radio..."There's some sorta big bar-be-que goin' on here in turn three. There's smoke all over the track! Some fan's got a big one goin' on."  Dale Earnhardt Jr remains observant of his surroundings beyond the race track, even while traveling at 190 mph! LOL


*Any member that answers all quotes correctly, will recieve an all paid, brand new top of the line, one of a kind...Atta Boy! Here at Highbanks & Dreams your participation is valued and much appreciated!

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Sent you my answers, Mo!!!

Dang, I thought I deleted my answers here, guess I didn't. Shoot! Sorry

Well, I got 9 out of 10 (I missed #5), but that's still pretty good!!!

Oh yeah!!! #1!!!

Congratulations Duh Hub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mo, you got some good damn quote questions! Who knows, some of those quotes may have to be used in the upcoming trivia/fantasy season in Feb.

Ohh ya, Mo you gonna play this season of the Trivia/Fantasy Game?

Ya man, it's going on! I'm not the host, I'm the head of the game. The host is still uncertain.


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