What is you opinions about this?  Do you think Kyle will have any chance this year??

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Man, I don't know.  Its frustrating to say the least.  What is it?  Its got to be something with those damn Joe gibbs people, because Michael Waltrip didn't have all the problems JGR had last year.  Something has got to give!!!

Kyle is perfectly capable of winning every single race, every week.  He is good on just abut every single track and I love to watch him race.  But these mechanical failures are gonna be the death of me... or my television. haha.

Freaking Dave Blaney and Tony Raines have had better engines than JGR.  Hell, Joe Nemechek hasn't broke down!!

Coach Gibbs better figure this thing our right now because you have 3 of the top 10 drivers in Nascar racing for you... it doesn't get much better than that and it won't last forever... especially if these problems continue.

kyle is a very capable driver, but these engine and other parts failures are just so frustrating for him and his fans.  if he is to have any chance at making the chase or winning a title,  they have to figure out what is wrong and fix it.  it is early in the season yet,  so i think they have time to right the ship.   GO KYLE!!

No doubts that TRD got a great speed from Toyota engines. Now they need to lose some speed in place of reliability. I think that's a matter of time, and near the middle of the season they will be good. At that time the Toyota boys must win races to be in the chase.

I think that if the TRD engineers can't fix the problems during this season, Joe Gibbs will consider to return to his own engine developing program and/or going to Dodge.

TRD has detuned the engines, and after Las Vegas they are very satisfied with their performance. Keep in mind.....HMS has had their share of failures too.

Yup I agree FR--hope TRD realizes they are the reason Kyle missed the Chase last year...Don't think he could have won the Championship but finished 2nd or 3rd I believe.

It seems that things are going on rails for TRD. No troubles in Las Vegas, that was a fast track. And now Bristol is a whole different thing. I expect first Rowdy's win of the season

This is a major blunder by TRD and Joe Gibbs is not happy... obviousely this infraction was a mistake due to the lack of quality control at TRD. of course this underweight connecting rod was noway an advantage if anything it could of cause problems. Toyota will have a lot of esplaining to do and try to make things right. This definately puts a strain in the jgr/yota relationship... Poor Mat, he doesnt deserve this.


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