Well as we enter into the 2012 season, I have to ask, How will Kasey do in Hendricks equipment? I think taking the RedBull Toyota to victory lane was enough of a statement. With only 2 races left for the RedBull racing team, Kasey made a statement not only to RedBull but to Dale Jr himself. This year Dale not only has this streak looming darkly over his head, but he also has the Man who has won in Dodge, Ford, Toyota and he only has the Chevy left to win a cup race in. Yes you guessed it Kasey Kahne!!!! I like Jr but I have been a Kahne fan for a long time. (since his rookie year) Jr fans don't take me wrong, Jr is a name, Kasey is a driver. He is going to be the biggest pain in the but to Jr. Not on purpose but when, Yes, when Kasey wins before and more than Jr by years end. That is how I feel about how Kasey will do in Hendricks equipment. Kenny was able to take that RedBull and do what he did with every other car he set up. He will take a little bit to get the Chevy down, but really, after comparing all 4 makes he may be one of the smartest crew chief on track. He will have the most variety of notes.  Kasey will benefit greatly form Kenny and these two will be a tandem to compete with Chad And jimmie and the new super duo Paull Wolfe and Brad. I see a very good chase coming up this year. I see Kasey in it and making one hell of a battle for the top spot. Will he be the one to take the cup back for Hendrick? Jimmie might have something to say about it. There are many more out there looking to do just that. Kasey will be there fighting it out for that top position. 


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Kasey and Toyota Rumors

Started by MoToR® Jun 24, 2009. 0 Replies

I know this is going to be a rumor that will last throughout the remainder of the season. With Dodge in Financial turmoil, it only seems logical that we could see Mighty Kasey in a Toy. I for one am not overly filled wit joy on this subject. I came…Continue

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