Once again, my television provider (Dish) had a problem and I missed last week's race at Watkins Glen. One thing or another has kept me from tuning in to NASCAR several times in the last couple of months. Usually, I console myself by saying, "oh, well, one of the Big Three won big deal." But this one was a big one and I would really, really liked to have seen it.

Finally, Chase broke through for his first Cup win, something we've all assumed had to happen sooner or later as many times as he's been in the second spot at the end of the race. I think this will be followed by many more wins now that the monkey of getting the first one is off his back.

It was a heartwarming result in so many ways. First, was simply seeing the young driver so happy to be in Victory Lane at last. Second, the shared joy of father and son as the boy followed in his father's footsteps. Third, watching his team mate, Jimmie Johnson, push him after he ran out of gas once he got the checkered flag and couldn't make it back around the track. Jimmie being a genuinely supportive team mate.) Fourth, it was even more special because it was Hendricks' 250th win, the most for a team in all of NASCAR (and hoping this is a portent of things to come for all of HMS, who has suffered from uncharacteristic below-par performance all year.)

So, yeah, I'm sorry I missed it. Congratulation of Chase and all of HMS. Now you have to do it again so I can see it!

The explosive NASCAR news, of course, was Brian France's arrest for Drunk Driving and Possession of Drugs. (This wouldn't have happened if he'd gone to the race!) I bitched about him in my blog last week, saying I thought NASCAR needed new, passionate leadership. And, low and behold, Brian seems to have taken himself off the grid. He announced that he would be taking an indefinite leave of absence. Naturally, it would have been better if this had happened as a part of a plan rather than by the actions of a foolish, self-centered CEO.

No one is quite sure what will happen now. Jim France is taking over at least temporarily but then what? Will the France family more actively pursue a buyer now? Who would that be? Is a private individual/family owning an entire sport a good business model int today's world? We'll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, hey, Jimmie, it's your turn next!

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yes, finally...and yay, yay, yay.  sorry u missed it, vicki, but I think it re-aired, hope u can catch it later.  it was a classic, not only for chase's first win, but Hendrick's 250th as u mentioned. also chase fought so hard for it, and won against one of the big three, truex, and earlier was able to pass and driver away from kyle b also.  in the end, truex said his car was faster and he could catch chase, but could not pass him, although he gave it everything he had,,and running out of gas was a moot point because chase was going to win anyway.  kyle said that his pit stop problem kept him from giving a shot at the win also, but that chase was better in some parts of track and he himself was better in others, but they were about equal.  high praise from both those guys.  and kyle did a whale of a job, recovering from the pit snafu by driving up to 3rd.  fantastic race,,.  the race was a huge crowd pleaser, in that someone besides the big three won, and chase getting his first, jimmie doing the cool push, etc.  those skeleton gloves that all the drivers wore for jr's charity are being auctioned off , and last I looked, the pair that chase wore, was already up to $8,850 with another week to go.  great idea, jr..

as to brian france,,,a blessing in disguise...I think..we r rid of him and being replaced in the interim by jim france, a respected member of the france family. 

onward to Michigan, and a good test for those chevy cars. 

I agree, even though I'd rather the Big Three didn't win so much, they are the best on the track right so beating them is a triumph! And being praised by them has to be a huge confidence boost! 


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