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I was wondering what other collectors thought about the future of collecting.  I am worried that the diecasts are getting to mass marketed.  I think maybe original pieces....

My fiancé (lady speaking) is a huge diecast collector. I am sure he would have much to tell you. He actually is wanting to liquidate his mass collection. When I say mass, I mean it. HEHE. Send any questions, etc you may have. As stated, he has plenty to choose from and some are even signed. He would have to send more details for you. >Cynthia

Hey, if he has any JJ cars he wants to get rid of let me know what he has an

Do not have any JJ he wants to get rid of. He has a Looney Tunes Set with him in it but not splitting those up. Also, he said he has lots of Dale Jr.. Also Kevin H, Dales Garrett, Truex Jr (from bush series).

what is the Looney Tunes set?  never heard of that

2002 Richmond Race 10-12 drivers drove Looney Tune Characters paint schemes.


Not sure why my typos did not fix...grr

Dale Jarrett* and BUSCH :)

collect what you like no matter what someone else likes,stay with in your means,it can get costly,but have fun with it,enjoy

I don't have alot of die-casts but have a couple I wouldnt sell unless i was flat broke and had no choice.

Oh he has some he thinks that way about too!


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