my name is tim  I have been collecting nascar since 1998(#21  m. waltrip 1/64)

and at 1 point I had 3,000 in my sweaty hands. lost job had to sell so please buy american when you can and say no to any thing walmart

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and yes i have sold on craigslist,flea marketsnot e bay

collect what you like and dont plan on resale

that saidby selling some of my diecast i have paid for 2 vacations

my first diecast as stated above i bought at thecircleville pumpkin fest

my2nd favorite was a blank diecast that my daughter painted up

3rd autographed04 platinum harvick platinum 1/24on go motor bids for 5bucks

4th is not diecast but signed jr lithographed my wife got for me from auction for operation feed

5th is not diecast a coin  that features jack roush,his daugter,his son celebrating

his 400th victoryon march 6 2010

it was annouced that  lionel will be the new official nascar distrubtor

so lets hope they can do abetter job than motorsports authentics did

lionel will relaunch a new website and the rcca club

when collecting diecast ,thru go motor bids,ebay always check what shipping will be.

Thats why ilike fleamarkets and local dealers if you find a ding or scratch they will

work with you

 some people like to trade.

in towns with military base thet seem to like totrade oo if you live close to one

try to help our brave service men and women  god bless them!!!!



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