Was that Chad Knaus told Jimmie Johnson after today's practice was that he did a great job. Well excuse me but you JJ could not have got your good time without Dale Jr pushing you just like when Jr pushed you to victory in the spring.

You, JJ should do what is expected and pay Jr back for pushing you to to victory. Now is the time for you JJ to prove you are not just another think of me ass, and pay Jr back for what he did for you!

Come on all you JJ fans and admit JJ needs to do the right thing and not  pit without Jr knowing you were going to like last race. Do what is right and push your team mate to the finish like he did four you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Disagree. Chase is priority #1. #48 has an outside chance to still win.

Well, we already know that RCR has ordered all its drivers that they should do everything they can for Kevin, even at their own expense. And we already know that Roush has ordered his two non-Chase drivers to play second-fiddle to his Chase drivers. I guess I have to agree with Ray here. Since Jimmie still has a prayer of winning the championship and the other HMS drivers probably don't so I think this one needs to be JJ.

I don't believe what I am hearing, Jeff and Jr are supposed to lay down? They are in the Chase too! I understand why you would feel this way Ms V being you a die hard JJ fan.

I don't really care. I'd be happy either way - JJ/Jr or Jr/JJ. If it gets down to the very last and there is the opportunity for whoever is second to go for it, then I say, do it but the way these races have been going, that isn't likely because there are several pairs right there together.

I totally disagree. JJ is still in the hunt for a championship, Jr. is way out (battling for 10th position, 60 points behind, actually). And since when in NASCAR about being nice to your teammates and letting them win when you're going for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship???

So with your logic why in the hell would Jr want to help JJ win? Don't make any sense.

Why would JJ want to help Jr. win??? Don't make any sense.

Right is right...Whether Jr. is 60 points out or 6, a win is a win... If it comes down to the two of them then Jimmie owes Jr. But knowing Jr. he would let Jimmie take the win, and the deal with Harvick if that is true is probably the very reason that Clint Bowyer is leaving RCR. I didn't think it was fair that Chad got the pick of people to make up his pit crew every week, but then I'm not paying his salary and it really didn't make much difference.


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