Congratulations to Joey and his fans. (I'm just glad I didn't have to say Kyle B or Kevin H again!) I was happy to see Joey win.He broke a 36 race losing streak since after Richmond last year and that didn't really count because he failed inspection and NASCAR labelled his win "encumbered". That meant, although he still got the trophy, it didn't count toward the championship play-offs. That killed his season because he never won again in 2017.

But, not to worry, NASCAR has decided not to use that word again. Nothing else will change. If a car fails inspection, it will still mean that the race win will not count toward making the championship run. But it won't be called"encumbered" anymore. Well, I'm glad that's settled!

I generally don't care much for restrictor plate races. That's mainly because I think of NASCAR as a one-on-one sport. I don't like seeing manufacturers or teams gang up together to get an advantage. Your "team" is back at the garage or in the pits, not everyone who drives a Toyota.

Chevrolet drivers have never been as likely to do this as Ford and Toyota drivers. I can see pitching a teammate as small break, giving them a little room to get in line, for example. But all coming to the pits together so you can join forces back on the track, ganging up to shut another car completely out, nope, I don't like it. Would Chase have scored higher than third at Talladega if he hadn't been blocked by all the Fords? We'll never know.

It seems to be the way it is a restrictor plates though so maybe it is just up to the Chevy drivers to get better at it.

I will be glad to see Matt Kenseth back at Kansas. At first, we thought that might have something to do with Trevor's health but it seems it was a matter of sponsorship. The rumor also went around that Matt and Mark Martin might be going to buy out Jack Roush but that seemed to get started as a joke.

I was really, really hoping it was true because, although there will always be an abundance of drivers, we basically, of our premiere owners - Hendrick, Roush, Penske, Petty and Gibbs are all getting old. (Ganassi and Haas/Stewart are younger). It takes a lot of money, passion and commitment to field a top-echelon NASCAR team and not many gazillionaires have all three. I always thought that maybe Jeff Gordon would take over for Rick Hendrick but I don't know if Jeff has that kind of CEO mentality. Maybe it will be Dale Earnhardt, Jr. He's used to owning teams.

I also read that there was a problem getting sponsorship for Bubba Wallace, Jr (although they have since signed a new sponsor). That surprises me because Bubba is the only African-American racing in the top series. There are many very wealthy African-Americans. You'd think one of them would step up to the plate to give a brother every opportunity to succeed.

Poor Spencer Gallagher - from the highest to the lowest in 48 hours. He wins the Xfinity series Talladega race then fails a drug test, losing a sure ticket into the play-offs. NASCAR won't say what kind of drug he took. He apologized and promised to enter the NASCAR recovery program.

Sympathy to James Hylton and his family.

My May wish doesn't have anything to do with NASCAR. I have my fingers crossed that Danica gets a good finish in the Indy 500!

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team racing sucks aND drivers that do drugs suck.that was very sad hylton and his son died.i too hope Danica does well,i was disappointed when she wrecked Daytona.

the bubba Wallace deal is shameful.every black person in any other sport gets top sponsor deals but none of them want to sponsor the one and only black driver.youd think white company owners would jump on a chance like this too.i say shame on all sho and sport drink ect that will not sponsor him.


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