I've seen quite a few people in the NASCAR comment section complaining that they can't always watch the race broadcasts because their TV providers don't carry Fox Sports  or NBC Sports. I've mentioned in these comment threads a number of times, as well as in every Fan Council survey that NASCAR needs to provide those of us that don't have access to the broadcast partners a way to watch the race broadcasts like the NFL does to those of us that either want to watch more than one game at a time or are not currently in the US to have access to the game broadcasts. The NFL calls this GamePass. I've also heard that the NBA and MLB both also have something similar for their fans.

How many people here would be interested in something like this if NASCAR were to offer it? I have something of a soapbox as a writer for a motorsports website, so I'd like to see how many people here would be interested in it.

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I am sure that many would be interested in that, mike, if it is free,,,some here, if they cannot get the tv channel the race is on do find a link where they can stream it to their computers, and watch it there.  some of our members r Canadian and cannot get certain channels,,,also a couple in brazil sometimes need to find a link to stream it,,also some do not want to pay for the premium cable package just to get one sport ,,etc,,,do u have any ideas?

You can change that to "some in Brazil" Eve. I live in Brazil which I why this is a sore subject for me. I wasn't aware that there is any cable package that I could purchase  here that would give me access to the races. I presume it would also give me NFL games.

The NFL has GamePass. You pay like $30 or so US for the season and can watch the games live and recorded. You also get quite a bit of extra content. It's a website and a mobile app. It's excellent. It's relatively lag-free and the video quality is almost as good as a TV broadcast. And it's the actual broadcast from NFL Networks (which unfortunately for me means no commercials, so I can't show some of them to my wife. lol), so we get the full color commentary. I've heard the NBA and Major League Baseball both have something something similar.

NASCAR has their mobile app and the service/platform where you can watch from a few different cameras around the track or in cars, and listen to your driver's team radio. But it isn't the broadcast and the camera angle  you choose is fixed; the picture doesn't follow any of the action around the track. They've also got the animated one where you can see all the cars going around the track as little dots. Whoopee. They've got the infrastructure in place. All it would take to provide us with something like what the NFL has, let's call it "RacePass, is a little coding.

I have Comcast cable and I get all the race broadcasts, except for a few that r on FS2,,i do get FS1,,,

I'd like to know what cable/satellite company(-ies) here offer (a) package(s) that offer the channels that NASCAR races are broadcast on. I'd seriously consider getting it.

no way do we need  special cable network just for nascar.if you don't get cable and don't have internet to watch a race im not sure what else to tell you.

I get all nascar racing on Mediacom but not paying no more than I already do.nascar is simply dieing and none is trying to save it.

they are more worried about changing nascar more than keeping it more upset we cant call it "the cup series" than not being able to watch it.

in a way nascar is making it harder to be able to watch races on purpose so we don't have to see how bad its been destroyed.

I in no way implied or said anything about a new cable network. I'm talking about something you watch over the Internet or a data connection, like NFL GamePass.

Mediacom isn't outside of the US or North America. So, what you're saying is "To hell with NASCAR fans that live outside of the US and North America."

Nope. To hell with thoughts like that.

They aren't going to stop calling it The Cup Series. They've just changed the entitlement sponsor. It will now be The Monster Cup, instead of The Sprint Cup.

bad thing to put words in peoples mouths...

Yes, it is. Very bad thing. So why did you do it?

you basically called me a racist by quoting that racist line ""to hell with nascar fans outside of the US"",I was just saying with all the available options I don't know what else to tell with eve I don't want to pay extra just to watch the races..

No, what I said is that you don't seem to care whether those of us that don't live in the US have access to a high quality stream of the race broadcasts. "I got mine, who cares about you?"type of attitude. There was nothing racist about what I said, at all. Not even a little bit.

Nobody is asking you to pay extra to watch the races. What people like me are asking is for NASCAR to provide a streaming service like most other professional sports; not to create their own network and make everyone pay for it to watch the races. That would be stupid. NASCAR would lose probably 3/4 of their viewers that way.

"All the available options" to people that live within the United States and parts of Canada. Those of us that live in South America and other continents don't have those options. There are some locations where you can pay for an extra premium pack from Sky, but that's only in a few limited locations.

So far, after reading 15 different stories on the subject, including on ESPN, Forbes, Fox, the NASCAR site, AND the Monster Energy site, the closest to a name I can find is "They haven't said anything about what the name of the premiere series will be yet."

I've also got quotes from 5 days ago from Brian France saying they are working on a new series name and logo and will have an announcement soon. And Monster will become the "Official Energy Drink of NASCAR."

There was a rumor on ONE other forum that they MAY drop "The Cup" moniker and go back to the "Grand National" moniker that they had originally, meaning the premiere series name would be something like "The Monster Grand National" or "The Monster energy Grand National."

That's it. Nothing more.

History has it as "The Cup." NASCAR just announced that they've changed the name of "The Bud Shootout" back to what it was historically "The Clash." THAT tells me they will name it something like "The Monster Cup."

If you've got definitive and verifiable proof of what you've said, I'd love to see it.

they are keeping "cup series" name for nascar's premier series..




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