Hey Everyone, welcome to the overview and annoucements from this past trivia/fantasy season!   I first want to start and say, congraulations to all our winners this season, from the overall winner CoreyNB to second place WilliamPray and third place KSNascar24 to run down the top 3.  Everyone did a great job and showed a great amount of effort throughout the whole season.  If you didn't do as good as you would have liked too, that's ok.  There's always next season, and as you know, only one can win.  So don't get down if you didn't do so well.  I want to thanks everyone from the forums for participating in the game as well.  It was great to have you guys involved!  As well, a big thanks to Duhhub for hosting this season!  Right after the standings, a rundown of the new season will be explained below. Now for those of you who want to see the standings again, here they are: 

  1. Corey NB, 1456        4
  2. William Pray, 1401
  3. KSNASCAR24, 1380  3    (+2)
  4. 14Smoke, 1344
  5. Randomness, 1342   2    (-2)
  6. Rowdyfan56, 1340    3
  7. Duhhub, 1297
  8. HBK29, 1263                  (+1)
  9. Moritz, 1239            1    (-1)
  10. Mid_Night, 1230
  11. GabyFischer, 1190    2
  12. 48fan1995, 1005      2
  13. Johnson5X, 51


So there we go, that was standings!  Now, here's the preview for next season, the season of 2013-2014.  As you know, I always like changing up the game a bit each time.  So this time around, there will be no chase, it won't be one segment all the way, nor will it be split up into two segments.  It will be a brand new format which has to remain a secret, because it's too soon to reveal.  The game is also planning on being split up into three sites, so that means more players!  If you any of you are wondering about prizes, well if you can provide them, I'll send them.  The rules are all the same, you can find the answers anywhere and post your answers public or private.  That's about all I'm able to give now. 

Second last note: As you know, my goal for this game is to have a new host each season.  That way a new person can experience what it feels to be in control of the game.  So now's your chance.  If you want to host next season, or even thinking about it.  You're not sure and may want more info. Just post in the comments below, yes or maybe, something like that.  Why host?  You get a different perspective of the game.  You get to chose the questions, and see what people scored before they see it.  The main thing, you have the control in the game.  Whatever words you write down for the rounds, you know everyone will see.  So why not?  Give it a shot! Even a maybe! Just say so below.  Any questions about it, message me.

Last note:  A side from hosting, sign-up for the new season has begun.  If you want to be apart of this game for the new season, let me know!  Others would be excited to see you're apart of it again too!  All welcome, new or returning players!  Just say so below and you're included!

Thanks Everyone! Can't wait for your responses!

Moritz. CC


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I'm pretty happy with 7th, considering I made no Trivia points all season long.   :)

I will be playing again !!

I'll play!

I will be here Moritz...

I completed my move to Ohio...not bad finishing 6th not playing the last 4 races...and sign me up for next season...I'll give you all a run again  =)  Wow! Brad won the championship....Awesome!! I'd be interested in hosting..depending on the format.  Have a great Christmas everyone!

Hey Rowdy!  That's great! Hold on, I'll be sending you a message!

This game is expanding to include the NASCAR: The Game Forums.

So, for those of you wanting to host, you MUST create a profile on that site to post things. Here is the post I made on that site:

Duhhub, the rules are changed and finalized now.  I'll be posting a blog later today about them.  The hosting thing is under control.  I'll be messaging you.

I will be playing again! :)




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