Hey Everyone, Welcome to the 2012 Season of the Trivia/Fantasy Game!  For all of you that have done it before, well, you get the idea! Except even for those who have played it before, there's a twist. For those who haven't done it, well, your gonna learn how to play the dam game then, huh?! 


Time/Schedule/Forgot: So, basically, there is 36 rounds each week until November starting next month.  It is the same length as the actual NASCAR Cup season.  When the drivers have the week off, there is no round.  One round each week there is a race.  The round's are usually posted on Sunday night or Monday.  You have around a week until the following day of the race to get your results in. Basically whenever the round is posted, you have from then till the day of the next race to get your results in.  If the race is Sunday, you have until Sunday at 2:00pm EST to get your answers in.  If it's on a Saturday, you have until 5:00pm EST to get it in.  It gives you enough time.  This time around, it goes differently. If you are late in a round, or miss a round. It's your loss, and you don't get points for it. It is your own responsibility to catch up to the pack. So don't miss a round or be late!!!!  If you're gone that week, post ur results before u leave. If u can't do that. Message me to let me know, and you will get points. That's the only exception. 

What's a Round:  Each round consists of three trivia questions about NASCAR and a fantasy prediction.  it can be any NASCAR question, quotes, nascar dates, tracks etc.. Plus the fantasy question will be to predict who you think will finish 1st and 2nd for each cup race.  Simple. To find the answers, your encouraged to use your brain. But, if not, the easy way, you can use Yahoo!, Google, Aol or any other search bar to find your answers. You can do it anyway, just you can't ask a fellow competitior. Also in the round, will be the new questions for the next round, but also the updated points standings, and commentary on who's moving up and down.

Players: So you all know, there is more than just the people here competiting. You've got people from the NASCAR.COM Forums as well. So double the people then you think.

Where to put answers: Each round will be posted in the Trivia/Fantasy Group as main place. You post your answers as a comment to the round, or as a comment in the group's homepage.  If your worried about people copying your answers, send them to Duhhub. Not me! Most people post them publicly, and if someone takes your answer, that's life. It'll happen a lot. Deal with it.

IMPORTANT CHANGES:  First off, DUHHUB is the new host for the 2012 season.  He is hosting here and He'll post the rounds and new questions/points standings. Make sure to join the trivia group to be apart of it. Second, there is complaints about people losing during the chase. So this time there is NO Chase for the Trivia Cup. However, it is broken up into 2 segments. Segment 1 is from next month until halfway through the season. At that point the winner is announced and their the winner. Then segment 2 begins until November. Segment 2 winner is crowned. It gives you a second chance to win, if you lost the first time. Or if you fell behind the first time, you get a second chance. Also, there will be a prize for each winner, and a grand prize if the same person wins both times.  The number of points you get each round is what Duhhub wants.


So there you go, that's it! Duhhub will post the Sign-Up to see who is playing later this month. As well as any clarifications.(like points system) Make sure to join the group to be apart of it. Any questions/comments/concerns post them down below as a comment. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you on the sign up sheet and in the game later next month!


Moritz. CC



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Let's see if I can put the full season together this year. I had the great 1st half last year and great 2nd half the year before. :)

double the chance. Who knows.

I'm just in the group, Moritz. Any other requirements?

Nope. As long as your apart of the group you're in!




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