Congratulations to Martin Truex, Jr. and Furniture Row Racing. I was happy to see them win the Kobalt Tools 400 at Las Vegas. That team started their take off to the top tier with Kurt Busch behind the wheel and they are continuing to rise with Truex. It's nice to see that happen with what was a one-car, Colorado-based team until this year when Erik Jones joined them. I think that pairing will only make them stronger.

Okay, I've said all that and I sincerely mean it but my preference is for races that are not dominated by one team as last week was by Kevin Harvick and this week was by Martin. They are just not as much fun to watch as when several teams are roughly on par and battle back and forth for the lead.

So far in 2017, it is the kids who have provided the most excitement - Kyle Larson, Chase Elliott and Ryan Blaney. They all have good cars. They are all fast learners. They are all daring, taking chances more experienced drivers might not take. And it is paying off for them in a big way. Kyle Larson is second in the point standings, only 1 point behind Keselowski. Chase Elliott is third and Ryan Blaney is sixth. I will be thrilled to see any of them win here shortly and I definitely expect that to happen.

I don't want any of our current drivers to retire anytime soon but several of them, including Jimmie, Junior, Kenseth, are in their 40's. It's good to know we have the high caliber of drivers coming up to take their places as we do.

Of course, The Fight, dominated the NASCAR news. NASCAR can never seem to get it's shit together when it comes to "Boys, have at it". In some ways, they seem to encourage it (for instance, I'm sure Kyle with a bloody face will be featured in NASCAR's future ads). In other instances, they are discouraging about fisticuffs. I expect there will be a bit of a p.c. lecture about sportsmanship and that will be the end of it.

It didn't seem like anyone's fault to me although I will say that so often when these things happen, it is Joey Logano who is the spinner. Is that just aggressive driving? Is it inconsiderate driving. He may not do it purposely but he doesn't seem to go out of his way to avoid those situations either. Kyle definitely took offense and I can't say as I blame him.

I don't mind seeing competitors let their tempers get the best of them. I think fans like it and no one ever seems to get badly hurt. I'm almost inclined to think the teams should stay out of it and let their drivers duke it out but I suppose NASCAR has to at least pretend to disapprove even if they really don't.

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if the young guys in nascar ever going to do great they will have to get better or wait, they don't have much chance while #4,48,20,88,ect are out there.once they leave then we will have different winners and champions.

and for kyle,he has wrecked so many people he has no room to talk,or punch.the fact is is when things aren't going his way he will throw the biggest fit ever,hell don't forget he got Edwards fired.

Well, the kids finished ahead of the old guys this week. And All three of them are in the top 10 in points while Jimmie, Junior, and Kenseth are languishing far down. As for the Kyle and Joey fight, I don't really care much one way or the other. 

that is right, vicki......and for the life of me ,,tombo, idk where u got that idea that kyle got carl fired,,,smh......

tombo is insane,Eve.You should know by now.He has a pathological obsession for Kyle...

I have lots of friends outside of this site and some have really cool jobs in nascar and I get a lot of behind the scenes details.i was told right after thanksgiving there was a team meeting and kyle was upset with carl and said "he goes or I will" and just a few days later this happened to back up what I was told.kyle blows up at team meetings all the time.i thought sometimes it was made up when im told this stuff but every time there is something to back it up like when what happened after this me crazy but its what it is.

ok, tombo, but at best it is second hand knowledge or hearsay,,not verified fact,,

I don't know anything about this. I'd never even heard there was that much bad blood between Carl and Kyle. Hard for me to believe Joe would tolerate letting one of his drivers dictate to him.

actually kyle said something about it a few times last year about teammate not acting like one.

the fact is that I was told that kyle threw a fit at the meeting weeks before carl came out and announced he would not race this year and kyle is the one bringing in all Toyotas money and the big sponsor contracts that pay most of jgr's bills.

and joe and anyone else who has that much stock in one person will let someone who brings in 65% of the money for his business dictate them,he had no choice.

actually kyle was not for Edwards coming to jgr in the first place.edwards hasn't liked kyle for years.remember 2011?


I agree vicki...just very unlikely that he would...

Kyle opened the door for body slamming after he turned left into Joey. imo 

I looked at the video again and it looked to me like kyle had no choice except to turn down to avoid running into kez, who had slowed,,,but everyone has their own perception,,,i was thinking about this last night,,,how we r all influenced by how we already feel about different drivers,,if our fave driver or disliked driver is involved in a fracus,,,,,I try to be impartial,     I do try to judge fairly,,,and even our fave drivor can sometimes be in the wrong,,,and sometimes there is NO wrong, just a racing incident,,

and congrats to truex, he got the job done,,

You're right, Eve. I think I try to be fair in writing these discussions. In this case, neither Kyle nor Joey are either favorites or hateds so I can be impartial. I saw no egregious wrong-doing...just 2 aggressive drivers trying to win. I'll admit that if one of them had been Jimmie, it would be a little harder for me to be neutral! :)


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