I think NASCAR jinxed me. No, not really. It's not NASCAR's fault that I missed two races, it's because of my own technological ignorance. I switched from cable t.v. to satellite and I've been messed up ever since. I think DISH should give prospective customers a tech i.q. test. If they fail, DISH should reject them. I obviously would have failed.

The first week I missed, which was Daytona, was the week I kept hitting the wrong button on my kitchen television which sent it immediately to "no signal" and I couldn't figure out how to get it back. No problem, I'd just go to the living room. On that set, the supposed NASCAR stations (NBC and NBCSN) were both featuring swimming. I went to and it said, "race in progress". But it wasn't in progress at my house. Furious, I finally took a sleeping pill and went to bed.

This was the race that caused the big brouhaha with Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. Geez, he caught so much hell, you have thought he was the anti-christ! I did see clips of his so-called recklessness and it didn't look anymore egregious to me than things I've seen in other races but we all know the Big Three are more special than any else. No mercy for anyone that pushes them too hard...unless it is each other. Even Larry McReynolds got in on the deal and excoriated Ricky on t.v. I call bull on that. It's not your job to protect your pets, Larry Mac. And, of course, Kyle Busch was outraged as he always is if a lesser driver dares approach him.

Well, Ricky drives for a team that has been lagging behind for years now, Roush Racing. Gibbs and Stewart has have the edge in better equipment and personnel but that doesn't mean Ricky doesn't have just as much right to try to give his team a positive run as anyone else on the track. Everyone knows NASCAR, like most groups, has a kind of pecking order and Ricky is at the bottom and is going to be put down when other people aren't for the same behavior.

And, re: Daytona, on top of everything else, I missed getting to see Eric Jones pull off his first win and Jimmie actually lead some laps. Damn!

Next up, Kentucky. I missed that one too because I'd had company all week and I was exhausted so I simply couldn't stay up for a night race. If I'd had my cable, I would have recorded it but I haven't figured out how to do that with the satellite remote. When I got up the next day and checked the results and saw it was Martin Truex, Jr., I really didn't care very much that I'd missed it.

Then New Hampshire. I watched that one until almost the end, when it was the Big Three running one, two three. I knew one of them was going to win. It turned out to be Harvick.

And it's not that I dislike any of these guys. I'm just sick of seeing the three of them dominate the series. Right now, there seems to be no competition that can touch them. Some teams make a run at it but in the end, it comes down to Truex, Harvick and Busch and I don't really care which of them it turns out to be.

Years ago, people bitched about a driver dominating to the point that we knew who the champion was before the season was over. All they had to do was show up. Then NASCAR went to the Chase. I personally liked the Chase but a lot of people didn't. Now we have stages and it seems almost as if we are back to the beginning. Was it even possible for Truex to lose last year with all the stage points he'd racked up? I don't know, maybe, if he'd totally crashed out, but weren't we all close to positive he'd win?

I prefer a race in which results are based on start to finish, not heat races. But I'm not griping about that. NASCAR does what it does and I know a lot of people think stages add excitement so that's fine.

But I am sick of the announcers raving about the Big Three and how superior they are. They aren't necessarily superior drivers although I'll admit they have better equipment... for now, least. It seems like like a foregone conclusion that one of them will be the champion at the end of the year. But come on, some of us at least like to know where our driver is now and then even if he's running 15th. If Kyle Busch has to go to the back and makes up 10 spots in the next 20 laps and a mid-tier driver makes up 12 spots in the same 20 laps, can we also not hear about him instead of concentrating solely on Kyle's "masterful performance"?

I actually like all the announcers we have now (that goes for Fox too) and they certainly have to give extra attention to those who are winning, but I think they concentrate too much on the Big Three and not enough on the others.

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