I watched the Talladega race, kind of off and on in between doing dishes and laundry. I know this beloved track has its dedicated fans but I'm sorry folks, I just don't enjoy team racing. I think stock car racing is meant to be an every man for himself sport. I don't care to see one team taking all the top positions and working together to not let anyone else in or dragging the brakes to let teammates have spots or planning pit stops so they can all pit together, then calculating how they can still be together when they hit the track.

I Stewart-Haas kudos for superior strategy but that's not racing as far as I'm concerned. I am glad if one of them had to win, it was Aric Almirola. At least it allows a new guy into the championship run. I am happy for Aric as he is finally hitting his stride. I also feel bad for Kurt Busch. He had it made until he ran out of gas Well, live by the team strategy and die by the strategy, I guess.

Of course, being a Busch, he didn't take it lying down but complained about the "missed calls" that cost him his win. To tell you the truth, I'm not sure exactly what he meant. On the one hand, he seems to believe a yellow flag was called when it shouldn't been and on the other hand, that one should have been called when it wasn't. What would that have done for him? Would he have pitted to get gas on the last lap and emerged far behind, or stayed on the track and taken his chances? I don't see that he'd have come out ahead either way. Blame the racing gods, Dude.

I was grateful Jimmie managed a seventh place finish after being down a lap for most of the race due to an early spin.

And speaking of Jimmie, that's probably another reason I'm feeling sort of blah about NASCAR these days. . I figured Jimmie and Chad would be partners until they retired. They are like love and marriage or horse and carriage or any of the other trite phrases we use to describe things that belong together.

I will admit though that they've had a dismal year and maybe it's time for new challenges. William Byron is definitely ahead of the game getting Chad as a crew chief. Maybe he can take him to the top as he did with Jimmie.

I don't know much about Meendering except that he found a certain amount of success as a crew chief for Junior Motorsports. Anyway, it was Mr. Hendrick's call to make and he made it. It will be interesting to see how it affect 2019. Do we even know who Jimmie's primary sponsor will be yet? For that matter, we know who the Cup Series' primary sponsor will be?

So, 2019 is setting up to be a fascinating year. Will Stewart-Hass continue to be so dominate? And why are they so dominate anyway? They certainly found something no one else has found. Will that continue? I hope not. NASCAR will be rather boring if it does.

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