I didn't get to watch the Atlanta race. I was in Las Vegas at the time. We happened to pass the sports section of the Bellagio Casino and I saw Jimmie in Victory Circle. I whooped and yelled and high-fived. A lady passing by commented, "you must have won?" and I said, "no, but my driver did!"

Jimmie is now tied with Dale Earnhardt's win record and he's a lock for the Chase. The rest of the season is going to be less tense and more fun thanks to a gutsy call by Chad and skillful driving by JJ.

I was disappointed when I got home to find out the race hadn't recorded on my DVR. Can you get all the past races on YouTube?

As happy as I was about Jimmie winning, I felt equally as disheartened about Brian France and several others endorsing Donald Trump. I don't think the CEO of any sport should try to persuade its fans in any political direction. I'd have felt the same if he'd endorsed Hillary, my own choice for president. And it wasn't a throw-away line in an interview, just letting us know his personal feelings, its was a full-fledged endorsement as if it was coming from the sport itself.

Drivers, of course, have a perfect right to support who they want and to announce it if they choose but, having said that, I think they'd be wise not to. This election, more than any other I've lived through, has engendered hostility and disgust on both sides. I've been an enthusiastic fan of Chase Elliott but, I can't help it, I feel so much antipathy toward Donald Trump that it colors my thinking a bit about anyone who would support him.

I was in Las Vegas last week. NASCAR is in Las Vegas this week. I couldn't help thinking when I was there that if Donald Trump is elected and actually does what he says he'll do, Las Vegas would be a ghost town. I tried to pay attention and I'd say the employees of the hotels, casinos and restaurants are are split pretty evenly between Caucasians, African-Americans, Latinos, Orientals and Arabs. Ditto, the customers. I wonder if Brian France or Bill Elliott has thought about that?

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I agree about france endorsing any political candidate,,,,not really a wise thing to do...and I feel bill and chase would have been smart not to let their political views mingle with their nascar involvement,,,,chase is pretty young and probably wet behind his political ears,,,i won't hold that against him,,,,,he is my driver,,,bill should have known better tho,,,,,and that is a fact, no matter who they support in the presidential race,,

nothing to be ashamed of.would it had been such a bad thing if they endorsed,exscuse me while I laugh at the thought,hitler Hilary?

it only depends on from what side your seeing it from.

are they all illegals working there?no probably not and if so they are breaking federal law being there.

I look at this country like our house,sure if you knock on the door and ask to come in youd be allowed in but if you just kick in the door and make it to the couch and turn on the tv I  have to take care of you?no that isn't the way it works.

all the "african americans,latinos,orientals,and arabs" that have permission to be in our country will be able to stay and keep those jobs they have permission to be here and unless your a illegal,a terrorist,an American company with over seas production you have nothing to worry about.

last weeks race was awesome even tho my guy lost it,it was awesome to see jimmie Johnson reach another authentic level of CUP series.congrats your driver won.

TRUMP 2016

You're wrong. I would have thought it was just as bad if they'd endorsed Hillary, especially Brian France because it implies that NASCAR endorses a candidate and I don't think a sport should do that. As for the drivers, its not a bad thing but I wouldn't do it. They have fans of all political persuasions. Why turn some of them off? You can still vote for them, even donate to them but why make it so public?

Thanks for the congratulations for Jimmie's win. 


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