Some Went Up and Some Went Down and Some Went Spinning 'Round

Great race! I gotta' say, I love road courses. Yes, I'd like to see one in the Chase or even just another in the regular season. If I got to choose, my vote would go to Montreal but I don't get to make those decisions and I'm glad I don't because I realize the logistics of adding, removing or even just moving races is a nightmare scenario. Chicagoland is probably one of my least favorite tracks. I don't think the city appreciates NASCAR as much as many other places and there is no way I think it should be the first race in the Chase but, oh, well, as I said, its my opinion but not my decision.

I enjoy the fact that road courses offer a bit of everything - ups and downs and rights and lefts and tight curves and a lot of passing by means of picking just the right time and place to set up your competition. Add to that, flaring tempers and spin outs and strategy pit stops. It all makes for an exciting race.

Of course, as always, I was rooting for Jimmie as my number one and without that last caution, I think he might have pulled it off. But once that hope was over, then I was all for Kyle overcoming the obstacles he's faced and ending up with the trophy. I hope he goes on to get up to 30th in points to be in the Chase.

Some fans didn't like NASCAR's decision to give Kyle a waiver but I think it was totally fair. It's not like they just let him in on a whim. He he has to win a race AND get into the top 30. He's done the first but he still has an uphill battle to accomplish the second. I think he has to average something like a 13th place finish in the rest of the races to make it. If he manages to pass all those other teams with 10 fewer opportunities than they had to score points, then he absolutely deserves to be in the championship run. So, I say, "go, Kyle!"

More bad luck for Jeff Gordon. I don't think this is turning out to be the last year he had in mind. The regular season is winding down for drivers that still need a win.

I was on the road back from Florida during most of the weekend and barely got home in time to watch the Cup race so it was only later that I heard that Erik Jones swept the Xfinity and Truck races. (I have Sirius radio in my car and I usually listen to NASCAR but the friend who went with me to Florida isn't a fan so I didn't force her to listen to NASCAR over 24 hours of driving). That was too bad for me because I so enjoy seeing the young drivers shine without the Cup guys hogging the wins.

So this coming week, I'll have to get used to watching on NBC rather than Fox and learning the broadcasting styles of a whole new cast of characters. That will be sort of interesting. I will miss Darrell Waltrip (but not Michael). I know a lot of people aren't DW fans but as a comparatively new devotee of stock car racing (2008), I felt like I learned so much from Darrell over those years. He explained a lot of things that I didn't have a clue about and showed me what to watch for that would have gone over my head without him. He's a great "splainer" for someone starting from scratch.

So, onward to Daytona. Who will be our next new winner, I wonder?

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no one should qualify for a championship after missing a majority of the season.

While I can understand the reasons both for and against, the thing I see most is the highlighting of the ridiculous nature of the chase to begin with. None of this would even be getting discussed if not for that.

exactly,the chase made a joke of the season,sport,and anyone who participates..

this would work out great for the cubs.take half the season off then come back at allstar game and make it to world series because they had a win..

he wins races and going to every year but why affect drivers like truex,harvick,logano,ect. who have been battling all season wracking up top 10's,5's, and wins all season.

and honestly they need to rethink this top 30 deal.if you aint in the top 10 in points your not a championship team that year.

david pearson would have had 10 championships if theyd let part timers go for the championship.

I have never liked the chase.  A true champion should be the best of the entire season, imo.  Sometimes, it was evident who would win before the end of the season, and many did not like that.  (didn't bother me)  I understand that Nascar tried to make the sport more interesting for the fans, and in so doing, they changed it from a sport to entertainment.  We can't blame the driver's for that.  They drive, Nascar makes the decisions, we bitch...maybe if they just renamed these championships, Chase Championships, we could all move on and accept it.,,,i don't feel that they are equal to the ones won pre-chase.  that's my two cents, for what it is worth,,,,,with inflation and all, probably only a penny!!


I am going to visit the Daytona gift shop today...haven't been there for a while..excited,,,lol, also meeting my son for dinner. 

have a great time!!!!

Points racing was not only totally boring but all too predictable. Drivers raced to protect their points not to win. Crew chiefs would figure what position they needed to finish that day and advise the driver to stay out of trouble(basically don't race). That system never gave you the best team or driver over the season just the ones that could play the points game the best. Now you have to go for the best finish possible each week to stay in contention. Being the best over the last ten races doesn't take luck it  takes a team that prepared itself all year for that chance. As the season wound down under the points system you rarely had more than a few drivers that were still in contention. That eliminated many drivers,fans and sponsors from being involved.


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