Question: Should NASCAR lighten up on their over-regulation of the sport?

Answer: Yes. I value creativity more than conformity. What good does it do to hire some of the brightest people on the planet as crew chiefs and then put them in a cage so small, they can't exercise any of their brilliant ideas? NASCAR isn't just about drivers. It's about teams and the kind of cars they give the drivers as well. If that wasn't the case, NASCAR could just mandate one standard car, exactly alike in every respect. The drivers could draw which car they were going to drive in a lottery. Wasn't there a series like this once? Where is it now? I don't care about 1000ths of an inch. I don't care if some teams excel because their crew chiefs are smarter than others. Some call this cheating but I call it innovation....up to a point. Loosen the reins a little, NASCAR.

Question: Does it bother you when drivers fight?

Answer: Nope, not if they both want to. But if crews join in, it should be to stop the fight, not to get a swipe in on the other team's driver - mostly I think crews should stay out of it and just let it be the two drivers. It isn't fair when a whole team piles on one driver. It should be one on one or not at all.

Question: What do you think about stage racing?

Answer: I haven't decided yet. Sometimes, it seems to add more excitement but then it also seems a little gimmicky. I think at this point, I'm still neutral. I can't believe how many changes there have been just since I became a NASCAR fan in 2008. Most of them I could do without but I realize I'm not the demographic NASCAR is striving to appeal to.

Question: Are you glad Matt's press conference wasn't about retiring?

Answer: Yes, I love this group of young guys coming up but I'm not ready to let go of the older drivers quite yet. Go, Jimmie, Junior, Matt! So, instead of an older driver going out it was a new sponsor - Circle K - coming in. A win/win.

Question: Have you given up on Danika?

Answer: Oh, man, you don't know how much I hate to say this but, yes, I think I have. She's gone long enough now without showing much improvement that my hope has waned to almost nothing. I will always be her fan and wish her well. Nothing would make me happier than to be proven wrong but.....

Question: What is your pet peeve?

Answer: I am a faithful reader of the New York Times. Reading the NYT is the first thing I do every morning. I feel as if it gives a good cross-section of what has happened in the news over the last 24 hours...until it comes to Nascar. It irks me no end that the digital edition never, ever, ever prints anything about NASCAR, even special events like the Daytona 500, the All-Star Race, the drivers in the Chase, the championship. Geez, they'll cover the Tiddley Winks Title or the Guatemalan Turtle Races or the est Podunk Pie Eating Contest. Come on, NYT, quit being such sports snobs. In case you hadn't noticed, NASCAR is one of the popular sports in America.

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I agree on the regulations being too strict,,,1000th inch,,,sheesh,,,i agree that a pit crew should only restrain a driver and not beat and kick the crap out of them, love the stage racing so far, glad matt is sticking around, and agree about Danica,,good blog, Vicki,,

Well, we agree on two out of three and semi-agree on the third!

I agree with everything but the "new York times".i wouldn't buy the " new York times" to lay in a hamster cage ...

my pet peeve is the drivers sounding too scripted in interviews.they cant say anything but what nasacr allows them to say.isnt funny how all drivers "love" the chase and the new format and the cars and everything?its too fake.


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