Hurray! I got back in synch with NASCAR just in time for the play offs! A couple of months ago, I switched service providers, going from cable to satellite. I think I only saw two races for the duration. Every week it seemed, there was some kind of glitch that prevented me from watching. I got so disgusted, I finally cancelled my service and went back to my old provider.

It has been a roller coaster ride ever since.

I returned to see Kyle Busch sweep the Richmond weekend That wasn't too exciting - the Big Three again - but still, it is an achievement that deserves kudos so congratulations, Kyle!

The track I was really looking forward to seeing was the new Roval at Charlotte and it didn't disappoint. I think that was the most thrilling race of the year so far that I've seen. There was a little bit of everything - side-by-side racing, hard but not impossible to pass in narrow quarters, tricky turns, turtles, Knowing every driver on the track was a rookie and anxious about it.

When it was over, a friend called to see if I'd committed suicide! He figured the end with Jimmie wrecking on the last lap when it looked he was very likely going to win would devastate me but that's not how I felt at all. I was simply thrilled with seeing the confident-in-his-car, authoritative driver I'd seen so often in the past. Of course, I was disappointed, especially since it knocked him out of the finals but still, in this race, he was JJ, the fierce competitor again so it gave me optimism for the future. All in all, I loved pretty much everything about the Roval.

I think Martin Truex acted like an no-class ass after the race (especially since the Kavanaugh hearings have made me so sick of spoiled, entitled elite men who think no one should stand in the way of what they :deserve".) Come on Truex, it was racing especially with a driver whose gone all year without winning and for whom the championship is on the line. If the situations had been reversed, what would you do, just submissively let your "betters" have it? I'd be ashamed of him if he did that or you either for that matter. Ryan Blaney ended up being in position to win after that wreck. Good on him!

And then we come to Dover, one of Jimmie's best tracks, won 11 times. Yeah, go Jimmie! Turns out, he has a car failure and doesn't even get to the green flag. Geesh, I was so discouraged, I thought about turning off the race and taking a nap but I maintained and I'm so glad I did because I got to see Chase Elliott win - yes! I enjoy seeing any of the kids win - Larson, Chase, Ryan, Eric, Bowman - because it makes me think we are in for exciting racing into the future.

I've been trying to keep up with Silly season as best I could but it's all happening so fast, I'm not sure I'm totally up-to-date. What we know so far:

Kasey Kahne - gone. I rarely trust politician's reasons for dropping out but I had Salmonella and one of the worst effects is complete dehydration. I was in intensive care, hooked up to an i.v. ,for 6 days. It isn't something you bounce back from easily.

Front Row Motorsports - gone. Why not? Barney Visser put his heart and sould into his goal of winning a Cup championship with a small team based in Coloradio. He did it. Mission accomplished.

A J. Allmendinger - gone.

Trevor Bayne - gone - from Roush, replaced by Ryan Newman

Kurt Busch - gone from Stewart-Haas but rumors have him going to Ganassi.

Jamie McMurray - gone (although he's slated to take an administrative position at Ganassi.)

Truex - probably going to Gibbs.

Daniel Suarez - gone (too bad, I thought he was a promising young driver.

There are more, I know, but that's all I have right now.

I still think the odds of becoming champion are with one of the Big Three and maybe throw Brad in there too. But next week is Talladega and who know what will happen there.

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good to hear from you.

Thanks. I missed you all and NASCAR!

I loved jimmies move at the roval.i was cheering him on,"eff the points,you have 7 championships, GET THE WIN!!!"

Me too! He was going for it. It's what I expected him to do!


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