2013 began a sudden swing of retiring drivers, and well-known ones at that. First came the final bow of Mark Martin, driving the 14 for Stewart. His reasoning for retirement was because he had lost his racing edge. He had not won a race since 2009. Then came Jeff Burton, capping off his career in 2014. His time in the 31 and as a full-time driver ended in 2013. He had failed to win a race in 6 years since 2008.

One of the most well-known retirees was Jeff Gordon in 2015. He was one of the mot popular drivers by his 23rd year. His announcement of his retirement was devastating to several fans of NASCAR. Unlike the other two before mentioned, Jeff would rack up one win and got 3rd in the final standings. Stewart would do the same in 2016.

That year was the year where not one, but FOUR drivers retired. Brian Scott retired after only one full-time year in the top division, Greg Biffle retired after failing to win after 2013. Carl Edwards, despite his success in 2016, suddenly dropped out of NASCAR during the off season. And then there was Tony. The other well-known driver who retired. He was also very popular among drivers, and he as well capped off one win at Sonoma. He would wind up 15th in the final standings. Carl would rack up three wins and 4th in standings.

And now comes 2017. Jr's days of racing are coming to an end after this year. After two concussions between four years, he is finally hanging up his helmet. That totals up to eight retirees within the last five years. This is insane for all these drivers to be retiring like this. Now the question lingers- who will retire next?

My best bet is Matt Kenseth. Don't get me wrong, he is an amazing driver. His championship in 2003 proves that he is more than worthy of being a NASCAR driver. Problem is he's been racing since 1998 in Cup. After nearly 20 years of experience in the series, eventually he will be the next one to take a bow. But I may be wrong. We'll just have to wait and see...

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noah,,infamous?    I don't think so...other than that ,,nice blog..

I probably worded it wrong. By infamous, I meant well-known.

I knew that, noah,,,,,mr Webster defines infamous as,,having a very bad reputation, shocking or disgraceful,,,,,,,,and I knew u did not mean that,,lol,,all is good,


they need to keep on racing.morgan shepard does it week after week still and hes almost 80.


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