Hey Everyone!  I'm Moritz, and I'm going to run down the list of what the upcoming season of the Trivia/Fantasy game holds.  Now just to let you know, this is everything exacaly, of what is happening for this next upcoming season. 

First off, the game starts in Feb, a week before the Daytona 500 starts.  So in otherwords the Daytona 500 starts on Sunday Feb (something I didn't look it up), so the round will be posted the sunday before.  It's a total of 36 weeks long, and is going to split up into 3 segments.  Each segment will consist of 12 weeks, with 1 winner each segment, making a total of 3 winners by the time this next season is done.  For segment 1, (first 12 weeks), HBK29 will be hosting the first 12 weeks.  For segment 2, RowdyFan56 will be hosting the following 12 weeks.  For the final 12 weeks of the season, HBK29 will return to host the remaining. The game will be played on three sites:  Right here( in the Trivia/Fantasy group, on under Sprint Cup Series News thread, and on NTG Forums, currently under a thread, but may be changed to a trivia/fantasy group.

Each week will consist of a round.  Each round involves trivia questions and fantasy predictions.  There will be a total of 4 trivia questions.  3 questions related to the current week's track, anything from pole sitter to track info etc.  The final question will be a general NASCAR question about anything.  You earn 5 points for each question you get correct, for a total of 20 trivia points max.  For the fantasy portion, there will be 2 questions.  One where you predict who you think will finish 1st and 2nd in the upcoming race, while another question is who you think will be the pole sitter for the upcoming race.  For predicting who finishes 1st and 2nd, you earn the points based on how your drivers finish in the actual race.  However many points your drivers get, you get.  For the pole prediction, 10 pts if you pick the pole sitter, and 1 less pt each place down until you get to 10th place, for 1 pt.  You also get a 5 point bonus if one of your fantasy picks wins the race.  The deadline is the start of qualifying.  However at the bottom of each round, it will be stated in bold when you have to get your answers in.  So how does that sound?  Any further questions or comments?  Say so in comments below, or message me or Hbk.  As well if you're still interested in playing, say so below. 

Thanks Everyone!  Looking forward to a great season ahead!

Moritz.  CC

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Hey Smoke, everything is changed to change it up.  It'll be fine, they're experienced players.

I'm playing!



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