Hi guys-

 I just wanted to post and ask everyone that when you upload a picture, please take the couple of seconds it will take to give the picture a simple, short title.

 I see alot of people uploading pictures, but leaving the generic file numbers on them that cameras give them (such is DSC001587). This, for one, tells us nothing about your picture, two, creates very strange complicated links to them that include that camera file name instead of what the picture is or is about, and 3 makes it IMPOSSIBLE to find the picture in a search of the site for it.Also, the search engines cannot properly index the pictures when they have these generic file numbers.

 It's much easier to remember that a picture is, say, "Tony Stewart meets a fan at Texas" than "DSC001587", so say a year down the road and you want to look at the picture again, you can do a search for "Tony Stewart meets a fan at Texas" and actually find it.

 I appreciate everyone's cooperation in this, it only takes a second, and makes everything alot easier for everyone!

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Thanks for making that known, I am one of those users who keeps the film numbers as the title.

you know i aint got time for that,lol.

anyway where the eff have you been?i hope everything been ok with you.


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