OK folks, league 2 is up! If you missed out getting into league 1 (AKA NN CUP), then get in this one!

What we are going to do is this. League 1 is now the NASCAR NATION CUP League. At the end of the season, the top 25 in this league will retain Cup League status. The bottom 25 are disqualified from the Cup league for the following year.

In league 2 (OR NASCAR NATION NNS LEAGUE), the TOP 25 at the end of this season will move up to the Cup league to replace the previously disqualified Cup drivers!

So get in and stay in that top 25 folks!

NOTE: In the NNS League, I have set it to drop your lowest score per segment, whereas in the Cup League, ALL weeks will be scored for each segment.


login to your Yahoo account, then click HERE and click "SIGN UP NOW".

after you do that, click "JOIN GROUP".

the league ID is 2321, ask in chat or message me for the password. The password isn't posted because these leagues are for NN members only! If you aren't a member of this site, joining is easy and free!

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Brand new site,format,$25 fee,make picks each week,about 90 players all ready. Lots of good

players. Ran by Jordan McAbee,writer.  Well formatted,done with care and working with players. Sidegames,a shootout game. Ray Miller   100% payback

Going to be hard to get kick out of a league by someone with less points. That's what happens when u drop low scores. Just sayin.

Hello.I was in your league last year.Here are my stats from last year

Auto Racing    2013      5 of 24       72NovaSS         NN 2013

I was wondering if I could join your new team,I had a really good time.Well thanks for your time,  72NovaSS


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