We are currently gathering orders for the 1st ever, Limited Edition, 2010 NascarNation T-shirts. They will be $20 plus $5 shipping. We have not figured out all of the details on payments yet, but I can show Da Goat how to set up a paypal account to recoup his initial investment. Profits from the proceeds (what little they will be) will be used for the NN bash or something for NN and it's members.  So this is just a sign up to be on the list for the 1st NN T-shirt. If interested please just let us know and how many dozens you would like. LOL. We are not out to make money on this. We just have pride in our site and would like a T-shirt to tell the world about us when we are at a track or just hanging out with friends. Imagine if one day we are watching the race and you are seen by the camera in your NN shirt. Hey that sounds like a contest. We'll give the money back to anyone who gets it on T.V. LOL. J/K, or am I?

The shirt will be Black with a pocket on the front, on this pocket will be a small NN logo, with a larger one on the back. It will also carry the sites web address. I would also like an American flag on 1 sleeve. Maybe just for this edition. 

This post is a sign up to See how many of you would like a shirt to boast about the our favorite place to hang. These will be a limited edition, sign up now, so you're not left out. 


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good idea MoToR go for it
Awesome idea bro! I was wondering how I was going to keep the cost down and save the money it takes to run an ebay ad.
Just let me know when your ready and I'll have it set up for everyone to wander the halls of the NN Store.

hop threw the halls
I would like to buy motor a Pink Tank top one so he can wear it to the the next race he goes too..and dont for get your glasses Motor
I will never forget the glasses. You have no idea the power in them. LoL

I`ll buy one MoToR, just let me know when you need the money!!!
Hey I just talked to Scott and Mike they both want shirts but they dont have access to paypal or a credit card maybe money orders would be the way to go and hell since my 2 divorces I applied for a credit card and when i got the letter back it actually laughed at me! We really should just send money orders and if not that if Da Goat is going to a race close by get one from him then. Just a thought, Highball
I would have to re-order to get one in circus tent for Scott, all I have are 3X's for now... LMAO!

Yeah, I can do money orders if people want, hell I'll even do personal checks by allowing ten days for the check to clear my bank! Cash talks in person also!
Circus tent. Lmao

Da Goat thanks for getting me my shirt,it looks great and I`ll be wearing it at my local track this summer ( Elko speed Way ) Elko MN...If I remember right i think it only took 5-7 days to get too me,once again, thanks bud....


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