We are currently gathering orders for the 1st ever, Limited Edition, 2010 NascarNation T-shirts. They will be $20 plus $5 shipping. We have not figured out all of the details on payments yet, but I can show Da Goat how to set up a paypal account to recoup his initial investment. Profits from the proceeds (what little they will be) will be used for the NN bash or something for NN and it's members.  So this is just a sign up to be on the list for the 1st NN T-shirt. If interested please just let us know and how many dozens you would like. LOL. We are not out to make money on this. We just have pride in our site and would like a T-shirt to tell the world about us when we are at a track or just hanging out with friends. Imagine if one day we are watching the race and you are seen by the camera in your NN shirt. Hey that sounds like a contest. We'll give the money back to anyone who gets it on T.V. LOL. J/K, or am I?

The shirt will be Black with a pocket on the front, on this pocket will be a small NN logo, with a larger one on the back. It will also carry the sites web address. I would also like an American flag on 1 sleeve. Maybe just for this edition. 

This post is a sign up to See how many of you would like a shirt to boast about the our favorite place to hang. These will be a limited edition, sign up now, so you're not left out. 


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Black with a pocket sounds great. I'd luv to have 1 to wear to the track or to a party or just about anywhere really.
Any idea when production will begin? Thanx to you and especially Da Goat for doin' stuff like this for all NN members.
will there be long sleeve versions as well if there are enough requests?
That would be cool. I discussed with dave something similar, as far as the donations, a while back
This would be a good idea to think about using the paypal account DNorris set up or have yourself or DaGoat set up a paypal if you don't have one..that would be the easiest way to transfer money...that being said......what is the order deadline and if you can..send a bulk e-mail to every member of NN as well.
Good idea Dale about the NN paypal account! I just got back from the print shop and we are cookin' with gas! LOL! I am waiting to see who needs what sizes. The shirts are going to be so awesome! Once the screen has been made long sleeves, tank tops, pink for the ladies, anything we will want will be available. Rick the shop owner gave me a good guy deal... Guess he doesn't know me very well yet! LMAO!
I'm looking forward to the tank top mysel!
So are we Buckey... So are we! LOL!

Just joking ladies, we need to get the initial order filled and partially shipped out before we can begin the process of re-ordering tanks and long sleeves, it is a work in process. BTW... I hate to break hearts here (LOL!), but I have found a good woman! She's a member now also, Lyn at hambones racing. She puts up with me so you know she's alright! LMAO!
Count me in.
1 of each will work here,short sleeve,long,tank
As posted on the fantasy racing message board, I am going to list the shirts on ebay once the first print run is available. I am hoping to have them by the end of this month, so should L, XL, 2X not meet your needs contact me before the 20th and I will be sure to get your size in the initial order. By using ebay we will insure payments as well as shipping. The shirts will be a flat $25 which will include the shipping. Round numbers are much easier to keep track of... LOL!
will you let us know here when there ready
Yeah bro. I'm going to send messages through my friends list, post the info here, and on the yahoo main board, plus give link info for the ebay site. I will keep everyone in the loop.
The word on the street is 1 week from Friday. Wait till you hear the selection, not just pocket T's. I just wanted to bump this back on the main board. Da Goat can fill you in. I'm going to set up a group and make it a store. Anyone who wants to set something up in the store can. Got extra tickets, post em. Wanna sell a car, post it. Right now it will be the NN swap shop I think.

GREAT IDEAL MoToR,looking forward to do some shoping at this Famous Store,,




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