No,no,nooooooooooo......Leave it as is,it's great now...When the first chase appeared, i was all for it,great idea,great for the sport going into the futur...first tweak, go to 12 drivers,great idea...tweak #2 11th n 12th drivers get in on wins if in top 20,great idea...stop, It's good now,keep it for a couple of years then tweak it if necessary....nascar talking about going to 16 drivers n eliminate drivers after every 3 races!!!!! not a fan of this tweak....Would rather nascar give 10 pts for a win,2 pts for a pole n change up tracks in the chase...i would start with those pts before playing with the chase! What do u guys think? :) eel.

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just get rid of the chase.dont have to get rid of tracks that a certain driver isn't good at,no reason to have half the field in the chase.most guys that are 5th place back by the chase are usually alot of points back and do not deserve a shot at championship,example stewarts 2011 championship.

theres no reason the guy that performed the best everyweek all year shouldn't deserve to be crowned champion.

if they had the chase in pearsons day hed a won 10 straight but that's why racing championships are decided over the entire season,not just 10.

the chase has almost erased nascar from the map,its killing ticket sales,tv viewers,ect and if you see it any other way your not a real racing fan,period.

hell espn would rather talk about antartica womens volley ball then nascar.

i agree tombo, but the chase is here to stay, i am afraid. a real champion is a driver who is consistent over 36 races, not 10...but that is jmo...and i know most don't be it,,

i never liked the chase,,,but we got it...i think 16 drivers is a good idea,,,but not fond of the elimination  process, especially the final one.  one driver could dominate the entire year ( think jj)  then dominate until the final 4...then lose because he had a flat tire or a motor blew, etc.  and then someone else becomes "champion"..




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