This feels like a AA meeting :)

Hi!, my name is Greg, I'm from West Sacramento and I am a huge Kevin Harvick fan. I enjoy watching the races and following message boards while the race is on. This is my first time that I am going to follow a message board that just doesn't follow one driver. It looks like it could be fun hearing what other people say about their driver and what they could say about mine.

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Hi Greg -

Nice to meet you. I'm Vicki from Indiana - huge Jimmie Johnson fan but I don't dislike any of the drivers. I belong to some Jimmie only groups but it's not as much fun when everyone's on the same page, just all preaching to the choir. I like to see fans of all drivers mix it up a little and talk about why they like their guy. Were you surprised that Kevin traded in Gil Martin? I thought they made a good team.

Hi Greg, I'm snusser. I like Trevor Bayne and Joey Logano. It's nice to meet you. If you would like to join a group where you'd feel welcome you can join We'd love to have  you!

Hey Greg, I'm Duhhub. Live in Indiana, I'm a huge Jeff Gordon fan. Not crazy about Kevin Harvick, but as long as he stays away from Jeff I'm OK with him!!!

Hey Greg! It's me, Moritz!! Nice to meet you, and ya, I'm a Kevin Harvick fan too.  Tony Stewart is still the best driver though. No questions further on that. Hope you enjoy the site, it's really damn fun around here. So, How u doing?

Welcome to the Mad House Greg.. And may I say you have a wonderful taste in drivers..(HEE HEE)
You came to the right place to learn more than you would ever want.. We debate everything on here.. So welcome... Jump into the chat
You'll find some great friends on here... We are a... I guess a support group , more so on the off season..
Nothing I have found is taboo yet, so enjoy the madness, and make a new online family..
WELCOME TO THE LOONEY BIN.. And I say that with Love in my heart...


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