post any issues with the new chat here so i can forward them! Also, please keep in mind the new chat is in a BETA TEST stage, meaning problems will be there. The purpose of beta testing is to bring issues to the forefront so they can be fixed prior to the final release...

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Yeah , IT SUCKS !


go back to the old one

the old one won't be available for me to switch back to coming here soon, so please post issues you are having so I can forward them and get them dealt with.

I like it...sorry Tat!
It works great for far so good.

unfortunately not, Smoke, I'm sorry. I am passing along your issues right now, thank you for taking time to post them.

Lol smack daddy! I'm a pretty big Jr. Fan and no complaints here! ;)

Are you guys talking smack without me?

Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw! you said it man!

chat issues

using Firefox

Profile links from pop out chat... it opens a similar window as the pop out chat.... no ability to scroll the page

on the pop out... would prefer the names list to be on the right side of the chat window... and the ability to resize it... the layout of the old chat pop out worked well for me especially on race day as Ive got leaderboard and other things sorta layered out and the ability to make things as compact as possible is a BIG plus...

post alert volume... as we trade tunes and such in the chat.... this is a nice feature of the other chat... its a tool that can alert those waiting for folks to holler in chat or turn it off whan doing other audio stuffs...

another alert issue... does it have to flash the browser tab??? I could do without that I reckon...

Smilies... I use them off the keyboard and not the select menu... a personal preference, not a real concern just a note...

would like to recommend to others to tell what browser they are using... ie, IE (Internet Explorer) FF (Firefox) Google Chrome, etc

thank you zroc, I've forwarded these...

thanks for the update smoke! I really appreciate it, and glad things are going better on your end.....I'm just wanting to do my best to make things better for everyone, and your feedback has been super helpful...

On Firefox... I can no longer post to the chat on popout... IE works for me tho...

Dave, I'm fairly new here but I'll post my observations whether they be right or I use IE 9.0 and when I sign in the homepage defaults with a "members online" window and a "chat" window.  I have found this very bothersome when navigating aroumd the pages.  If I use the "chat" window on the homepage, maximizing it, most of the time the window will freeze up when typing in the chatroom. I have found that if I right-click on the "chat" link in the top menu and open it in a new tab, not only is it full screen and easier to see, I don't have the freeze up issues.  That way I have two tabs: Chat and the Homepage/Mypage. However, I would like to recommend that you don't have to "fall into" the chatroom to see who's Personally, I would like the capability of seeing who's in the chatroom before I am connected to it. Perhaps having the "members online" active and then when you open the "chat" link you will be connected?  Anyways, for what it's worth!



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